How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows


How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows

Gray hair are always a huge matter of concern for every woman and it is no less than a night mare to see gray hair strands in eyebrows.

Gray hair in eyebrow is nothing odd and is simply a part of the aging process, but in some cases without any aging a gray hair peeps through the eyebrows. I know that’s something that can give you sleepless nights out of worry.


How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows

Today I shall share some ways to deal with gray hair in eyebrows but before I head any further let me first tell you all about various reasons that might be responsible for gray hair in eyebrows.

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Reasons Responsible For Gray Hair

Pigment Imbalance: Melanin is the color producing pigment that gives color to our hair and skin. When there occurs an imbalance in the Melanin production, the hair in eyebrow start losing their color and turn gray.

Aging : Aging is a natural process that causes white hairs in eyebrows. Aging can be delayed but can never stopped, at some point of time aging symptoms definitely show up. As we age there are certain nutrients that do not reach the roots of hair which eventually results in change of hair strands.

Hormonal Factors: Any hormonal imbalance too can be responsible for gray hair in eyebrows. In comparison to women men are prone to such kind of hormonal imbalance that causes gray hair.

Poor Diet: A poor, unhealthy diet can too turn your eyebrow hair gray. Skipping meals too is often a major reason that deprives you of nutrients and result in low melanin production.

Heredity: Hereditary reasons too can be responsible for gray hair. If your family has a history of gray hair in eyebrow then there are high possibilities for you to also have gray hair in eyebrows.

Smoking: Smoking is one thing that is always a game spoiler; it has numerous risks which also includes risk of developing gray hair. The excess nicotine damages color pigments which result in gray hair.


How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows - SMOKING

Wrong Makeup: Of course this is a big reason but is often ignored. Application of low quality makeup, expired products or makeup with excessive chemicals too is often responsible for causing gray hair.

These were some major reasons that can be responsible for causing gray hair in eyebrows. Now that you know the possible causes of gray hair let us move on to possible remedies for gray hair.

Remedies For Gray Hair

Vitamin B12 Intake: Try to include more of vitamin B12-rich food in your daily diet, as much as possible. This will reduce the deficiency of the Vitamin B12i n your body and will prevent premature graying of eyebrows.

Castor Oil: Apply castor oil on your eyebrows, this will not only prevent them from graying but will also keep them thick. Ensure to use cold pressed castor oil and apply it twice a day to eyebrows.


castor oil


Avoid Smoking: Do this as soon as possible…. Quit Smoking! This will not only prevent gray hair but will also prevent many more big diseases.

How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows - AVOID SMOKING


Balanced Diet & Healthy Lifestyle: Follow a well-balanced diet plan that includes sufficient amount of nutritious foods. It not only helps in preventing graying of eyebrows, but also keeps premature aging at bay and will help keep your youthful.

Try and have a healthy lifestyle, try not to skip meals & have proper sleep. Avoid stress and anxiety.


How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows - HEALTHY DIET


Vegetable Dyes: You can prepare your own vegetable dye or get a one which has good quality from the market to hide those gray hair in eyebrows.

Coloring: You can also get your eyebrows colored with your regular hair coloring sessions. Many salons offer eyebrow coloring as a complimentary service with hair coloring.

Cover Up: You can always use your gorgeous black.brown liners to paint the eyebrow hair and then follow up with the regular eyebrow makeup


How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows - COVER UP


Chop It: Many tend to pluck gray hair strands from eyebrows but this is not an ideal solution as this will leave spaces in eyebrows. Instead cut the gray hair strand very finely and apply some colored eyebrow powder like you always do to groom eyebrows.

These were some ways to deal with gray hair in eyebrow. I hope you find these helpful.

Have you yet encountered a gray hair in eyebrows?

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