How To Deal With Ingrown Hair Condition


How To Deal With Ingrown Hair Condition

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Many of us might have experienced getting painful ingrown hairs after a waxing session or shaving. Sometimes we deal with it quite casually and ignore the root cause. However, ingrown hair or most popularly called ‘razor bump’ can be serious enough if we do not take steps to prevent it. So let us know more about it and learn some ways to prevent and treat it.

What actually is an Ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair or ‘Razor Bump’ (Pseusofolliculitis barbae) is a kind of condition where a hair strand curls back and enters sideways into the skin. People with more coarse and curly hair are prone to this condition. It may or may not be accompanied with ‘Folliculitis’ which is a type of infection of hair follicles. This condition can occur mostly on areas with hair growth like beard, legs, under arms, bikini areas or scalp.


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When a hair strand breaks off unevenly with force that causes it to curl back can cause ingrown hairs. Main causes of this condition are: Shaving and waxing.


  • -It is important to use good amount of shaving cream or gel for lubrication and much force should not be exerted while shaving.
  • -If there is recurrence of ingrown hairs, one should completely abstain from waxing and shaving.
  • -Proper exfoliation with a physical scrub like cleansing brush or cleansing gloves or chemical scrub containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid prior to shaving or waxing is an important step as it prevents clogging of pores and sebum deposition.
  • -One can use a pair of sterile tweezers to lift up the ingrown hairs and allow it to grow normally. One should not pluck the hair as it can aggravate the condition and lead to further infection.
  • -Most important step to prevent razor bumps is to shave the hair in the direction of hair growth.
  • -After shaving, one can dab some antiseptic liquid and follow it with some emollients or moisturiser or aloe vera gel to soothe one’s skin and keep it hydrated.
  • -One can also go for chemical hair remover lotions instead of shaving and waxing.
  • -One can use some topical creams like ‘Vaniqa’ or ‘Eflornithine’ which is meant for semi- permanent removal of hair. It delays hair growth for a long time.
  • -One should avoid using products containing alcohols as it can be drying for skin.
  • -One should switch to more gentle products to for cleansing and exfoliation.


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Types of Treatment:

-Homemade Treatment:

  • -One can also use a solution of diluted baking soda for treating painful red bumps. Baking soda owing to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties prevents further infection and treats the infected area and soothes it.
  • -Usage of aloe vera gel on affected area has cooling and soothing effects.


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  • -One can make a sugar scrub by using a cup of sugar mixed with 3-4 drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil or peppermint oil into it. Sugar scrub helps the ingrown hair come out naturally and dislodges it without causing pain. It also clears clogged pores and keeps skin smooth.
  • -Tea tree oil mixed with any carrier oil like olive oil can be used on infected area. It will help in reducing the pus filled zits and acnes.
  • -Cleaning the area with warm salt water is another effective method to prevent spreading of further infection.
  • -We can use moist black tea bags to treat irritated area. Due to presence of ‘tannic acid’, it prevents inflammation and reduces redness.
  • -One of the best homemade treatments that work is to use a combination of aspirin with honey. It reduces swelling, redness and inflammation effectively.
  • -Another effective treatment is to use a mixture containing cucumber juice, raw milk and turmeric powder. This mixture has cooling as well as soothing properties.
  • -One can use a cotton ball dabbed in apple cider vinegar to treat the affected area too. This liquid indeed has numerous uses in both spheres of health and beauty.
  • -Honey can also be rubbed on affected area to reduce inflammation. Due to anti bacterial and moisturizing properties, its topical application is quite a good remedy too.


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-Chemical Treatment:

  • One can use a diluted solution of glycolic acid and use it on the area prone to razor bumps.


Glycolic acid anti aging property


  • One can also go for lotions containing salicylic acid which can prevent infection after waxing or shaving. It can exfoliate and clean clogged pores.
  • -Several topical creams containing NSAIDs and Ibuprofen have also been proved useful in such condition.
  • -Products containing witch hazel and allantion, azulene are pretty effective too.
  • -One can use creams containing hydrocortisone for soothing irritated skin.
  • -It is important to moisturize the skin with body lotions containing BHAs or AHAs.
  • -One can use a combination of retinoids and salicylic acid for treating ingrown hairs for continuous 3-4 days.


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-Laser Treatment:

Those who experience chronic occurrence of ingrown hair condition can go for electrolysis or laser treatment. This works much better for dark and coily hair than lighter ones.

Do you know any other useful tips for preventing ingrown hair?

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