How To Deal With Minor Burns/First Degree Burns At Home


Burns are always pain full be it small only.The small burn which we generally gets brushed under a hot oven or a pressure cooker or anything else is called as first degree burn.


In minor burn the skin gets red and sore and little bit of swelling also develops.These simple burns can be treated at home.

Below are some measures which can be taken when dealing with the minor burns:-

1. When the person gets burnt the heat quickly passes into the skin and damages the tissue deeper inside.So cooling down the heated skin should be our first step which can be done by running water on the burnt area for at least fifteen minutes or so.
2.You can rap some ice in a towel and apply on the affected area or you can apply a cloth which is soaked in the cold water.(Do not apply direct ice as it may further damage the burn)
To prevent swelling and blister apply an antibiotic ointment after keeping your hand under running water.
3.Like water even cold milk reduces the heat and helps in healing the burn quickly.Fat present in the milk increases the speed of the recovery .Just apply the milk for five to ten minutes on your skin , rinse off your skin well and pat dry the area.
4.Aloe vera -Aloevera contains compound known as allantoin which is helps in speeding up the wound healing process.Many people keep a plant of aloevera in their place because of its various uses.If you are using a fresh aloe vera then wash off the burnt area with soap and water. To take out the slow vera gel cut a part of the plant leaf lengthwise and peel of its green part.Squeeze off the gel and apply it generously on the burnt area three or four times a day.
5.Antibiotic cream-There is always a high risk of affection which can be reduced by applying antibiotic cream on the burnt part.Antibiotics seals off the burn from the air which can irritate the skin.
P.S -Since years many people are applying butter on the burns but doctors advise that this old fashion practice is actually locks heat and increases the chances of infection too.
If after using these remedies the pain doesn’t subsides then immediately visit a doctor.

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  1. Thanks Yuvna…These tips helps me a lot because I am always in rush when cooking and always get minor burns every now and then:)


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