How To Deal With Oily Face During Summers


How To Deal With Oily Face During Summers:-
Every skin type has its own advantages and disadvantages. An oily skin type has the advantage of ageing not keeping pace with the skin! Yes! The people with oily skin tend to have the facial glow for longer period of time as if age does not bother them. Their skin type makes them less vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles for a long time compared to other skin types. Of course the standard has been set by normal skin types for every milestone. During summers, oily skin tends to be even more prone to dryness, breakouts etc. and thus needs an effective solution which is cold and helps prevent the skin from falling prey to dust and dry breeze.

During summers, one can obviously resort to cleansing more as compared to winters. Cleansing is a sure shot way to take care of the skin in a good way. One must do it twice to prevent excessive oil formation on the skin. This would also take care of acne and breakouts which will ensure a clean and beautiful skin.

You need to give yourself a princely treatment more than not and there is no escape from oily skin’s side effects otherwise. Scrubs, face packs all those that have a cooling effect on your skin is what you need and you will be sorted.

I am suggesting a few homemade scrubs here apart from the steam facials are the best. I know steam facials in summers sound easier than done but if you can tolerate the steam for some time you are definitely going to have a long term effect in keeping your skin oil-free, which I guess is a good thing to look for.

Oat Meal Scrub

oatmeal review


This is a good way to deal with oily skin. It is messier than others but it suits your skin type and gives you an ecstasy of feeling lesser oil on your skin. Mixing a liberal amount of oats with aloe vera gel and applying on your face can lead to great results. You must do it once a week and apply it for good 15-20 minutes for best results.
Another way is to mix it with a banana and milk in 2:1 ratio with oats. Like 2 parts of oats to 1 part of milk. Apply this to your face for 20 minutes. Care should however, be taken to not to apply it on areas where you are already suffering from acne as it might lead to aggravation of already irritated feeling on your skin. However do apply it once your acne is in control.

Banana and Honey Face Pack


banana for skin face pack


This is very effective when it comes to control the oil formulation. Both banana and honey are quite effective on the skin type and are pretty useful. Add a pinch of lemon juice to this pack and apply on your face for 20 minutes for best results. This would ensure oil control and prevent breakouts.
With these packs and a regular routine of cleaning your face twice during summers using mild cleansers and right set of moisturizers and toners, you are sure to protect your face against all atrocities that could harm you. Have faith in these treatments and I am sure you will be happy with your skin.

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