How To Deal With Random Calls From Unknown Numbers


How To Deal With Random Calls From Unknown Numbers

Heylo dear ladies!

Today I am going to talk to you about a topic which is becoming really rampant these days. I will be talking to you about how to deal with random calls from unknown numbers.

Now with the advancement of technology we are actually losing out on our private space. Try and log off for five minutes from your Facebook account or don’t receive a few calls, don’t reply back to a few texts and the world thinks you are lying dead in a gutter. That is how dependent we have become on technology to keep in touch with each other. And as a consequence expectations have also risen. Just cause you own a mobile or a tab means, you have to remain glued to t all the time, receive every damn call, reply back to even the stupidest of texts, or else you are tagged as an unsocial, grumpy soul.

how to handle unknown calls

Random Calls

If you own a phone obviously throughout the day you receive loads of calls. Some important some not as much. But it’s these random calls from unknown numbers that really gets on your nerves. Thanks to technology most of us with smart phones, have these call tracking apps installed in our phones, making life a little easier. These apps help you to identify the caller, thus it becomes easier for you to choose which calls you want to receive and which you want to ignore. But problem arises when sometimes, the identity of the caller is blocked. Then your app is not able to show you the information.

What To Do?

Worry not! It is as simple as doing nothing, cause you actually should do nothing in these cases. If you cannot recognize the number the first time and you have a feeling that it just might be another of those bugging random calls, then do not pick it up at the first go. Let it keep ringing. Whoever it might be, if things are that important and urgent the person is sure to call you back the second or third time.

Politely Hang Up

Now, in a situation where say you receive the call, and then find out it is not important, hang up. You don’t have to be rude or anything. Just be polite but firm. Make sure whoever the caller is he/ she gets the message that you are in no mood to tolerate such random nonsense( random or not). The max that you can do for the sake of being nice, is probably ask the person which number he/she had meant to dial. If its not you then politely tell them that and hang up.

Block The Number

Another source from where you are likely to get calls from are the various companies and banks, looking out to sell their policies or products or whatever. And I think you will all agree that these calls are the most irritating ones. For they simply refuse to listen to you. And of course then there are your telephone companies, bang oh-so kin to let you know about their latest schemes and by which date your pack is getting over.

block unknown callers

I suggest you block these numbers. Cause if you have noticed these phone calls usually come from a few particular number, which you can easily identify, just go your phone’s call settings, find out the blocked numbers option and add them to the list. Or you can do it directly from the call log. Just select the number, you will get a number of options like add to contacts, edit, call, etc, there you will also find a block number option. Use this. Or else in case you have a number tracking app installed in your phone, then simply follow the process shown by it. And just in case you are technologically paralysed, ask someone to do it for you. Since most of us have smart phone now, and the basic settings of all the phones are kind of similar, helping won’t be a big deal.

Simply Ignore

For random calls from foreign numbers, the nest thing to do is ignore. Unless of course you are expecting a call from someone and you do not know the person’s number. Otherwise simply don’t receive cause then at times you rub the risk of fraud calls. Cause unfortunately the more technology is advancing the easier it is getting to cheat people. And nowadays a few geniuses have come up with brilliant ways to rob you through your phone. Especially if you are using one of those high end phones which acts like your all-in-all storing device.

unknown callers

Report Against

And lastly if certain calls are bothering you that much, then simply report against them. And let the law deal with it. But if you don’t want to put in so much of effort, try threatening first. It works!

Now all that said and done, dealing with phone calls from random numbers is not big a deal. No need to lose your sleep over it. Solution is rather simple, IGNORE!

Anyway, jokes apart, I hope you find the few tips I shared useful.

Which trick do you think you are going to apply?

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