How To Depot lipstick -Depot Broken Lipsticks


Few of my elle 18  colorburst  lipsticks and Lakme satin enrich lipstick are broken and was looking for a jar to depot them .I cleaned my home made lip balm jar which I used  few months back and thought of making a good use of it by depotting Elle 18 Pomegranate pie lipstick.

Using broken lipstick becomes a cumbersome activity and looks clumsy even if  I  make use of lipstick  brush.Depotting the lipstick into a jar always makes the applying lipstick  much easier and then one can store many like these in a box and take them along while travelling.

How to depot lipsticks

Now take out the broken lipstick into the jar and break it into small pieces and scoop out the rest of the lipstick in the jar.

DIY Easy way to depot lipsticks


Now with the help of a hair dryer heat the lipstick for 10minutes till it settles down.Don’t over do the heating as it might result in change of the lipstick texture or colour.


Depotting broken lipstick DIY

I took out the sticker of the lipstick and pasted at the back side of the jar so that I remember the shade name.

How To Depot Lipstick into a stackable Jar


It doesn’t take much time in depot ting the lipstick and it completely changes the packaging and look too 🙂

Have you tried depotting your lipsticks??


  1. nice idea anamika :yes: :yes: …………… Revlon super lustrous lipgloss file also damaged……………and i depoted that in a Lotus lipgloss’s hollow file

  2. Hey! Gud article A…I know alotta people wud find this useful..I use a pillbox..first i warm in the microwave and then store..but i never thought of labelling them this way..i had stopped depotting coz of this only…i like my lippes to be labelled and dint know how to…now i do.. 🙂 🙂

      • yea..without it the lippies luk so ajeeb..and then i dont feel like using them…i never ever thought of using the same label..such a simple thing…

              • hihi..u wont believe this, but my hubs calls it the same thing..and my response is always, its not veillapan..its just my creativity coming out…followed by..’tum mere makeup se jalte ho!’ …hihi..

                • lolz..why will a man be jealous of makeup..and yes i think mein to bhaut talented hun and one day will do an experiment where there will be a lipstick which can be changes into 10 lipstick colour :devil: hehehe :D:D

                  • Aiwain we hav such discussions…and have loads of laughs..and the end of it is that he gives up and then the next day asks me if i need any more cosmetics..hihi..

                    • this he’s alot like my dad..will first ask me if i want…then obviously i say yes and go buy….then ill come home, show him swtahc and all…and he’ll b smiling all the time..and then after 5mins the lecture begins 😉 ;)..Tum itne lipsticks ka karti kya ho?

    • its Free Forrest essential sample tub Anks..i hope they dont stop giving us after all of us reach their store for the samples 😛


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