How to Detect Original Sandalwood & Homemade Sandal Face Pack Recipes


How to Detect Original Sandalwood & Homemade Sandal Face Pack Recipes


Sandalwood has a lot of beauty and medicinal benefits. It helps in reducing pimples and also evens out the skin tone. Sandal removes tan and makes skin glow. It soothes skin and gives it a cooling effect. Regular usage of sandalwood is answer to all your skin woes.


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Finding Authentic Sandalwood

Sandalwood is expensive as it has become rare due to over-harvesting. The best places to buy sandalwood are government emporiums. They have the real thing but obviously the price is high. Last year I bought almost 1/2 kg sandalwood from Cauvery store in Banagalore and from a government store in Kerala. It was really expensive but the fragrance is still intact. I’m yet to use it owing to my laziness 😛

Never buy sandal from street peddlers or shady shops. Most likely, their sandal is an ordinary piece of wood, coated with sandalwood oil.
An original sandal wood stick will produce soft layers when you scratch or peal outer area by knife or blade. If you crush it or smell the sawdust, it will produce good fragrance of sandal which will be neither too mild nor too strong. The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained. The fragrance lasts for decades but obviously you can’t know it at a shop.

Face packs

Whether you buy a sandal stick or powder, you can use it for the best benefits for your skin.You may get it from here.



sandalwood face pack

Sandal and Rosewater Face Pack

Mix 2 tbsp. sandal powder with enough rose water to make a thin paste. Apply it all over your face and neck and let it dry for 20 minutes.Then rinse off with cold water. This pack evens out skin and also brightens it.You may get it here.

Sandal and Turmeric Face Pack

Mix 2 tbsp. sandal powder, 2 tbsp. turmeric and 3 tbsp. honey. Dab this pack on face and neck. Rinse off after 20 minutes. It will reduce pimples and scars.

Sandal Face Scrub

Take 1 tbsp. sandal powder and 1 tbsp. rice flour. Add to it, 1 tbsp. of milk powder and gram flour (besan) each. Make a paste using rose water. Scrub your skin with this twice a week to discover healthy and smooth skin.

Sandal and Besan Face Pack

Mix together 2 tbsp. sandal powder and 3 tsp. gram flour. Then add some rose water and make a smooth paste. Apply it on face and let it stay for 30 minutes. Wash off. This face pack will make your skin glow when used religiously.

Sandal and Lemon Face pack

Take 2 tsp. sandalwood powder and squeeze half a lemon into it. Adjust the consistency with water and slather this pack on your face and neck. Wash it off after 20 minutes. This face pack helps in reducing pigmentation.

Sandal and Essential Oils Face Pack

Make an aromatic face pack using 1 tbsp. sandalwood powder, 2 drops of rose oil and 1 drop of lavender oil. Then add in a pinch of turmeric and 2 tbsp. gram flour. Make a paste using milk-cream for dry skin or buttermilk for oily skin. Leave this pack on skin for 15 minutes. It has calming effect on skin and helps your skin in getting its glow back.You may get sandalwood essential oil here.

Girls! Please share your tips on identifying the authentic sandalwood.

Have you tried sandalwood for your skin?

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