How To Determine Your Eyebrow Shape


How To Determine Your Eyebrow Shape


Want more opened up and better looking eyes? Get your eyebrow shape right. Yes eyebrow shape plays a vital role in making your face look much more beautiful. You don’t always need to fall back on eye makeup to awaken your eyes and whole look.

The right eyebrow shape depends on the shape of your face. Just a little plucking here and a little growth there will balance your face shape. Here are the main face shapes and the eyebrows that suit them best-

Round Face


best eyebrow for my face


The goal to balance a round face should be to define it. The best way to add structure to a round face is to balance it with angular eyebrows. A high arch suits round faces perfectly. This lengthens the face. Girls with round face should never get a round eyebrow as it will add to the roundness of face.



Long Face


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Here the idea is to stretch the face horizontally. The perfect shaped eyebrows for this face shape are flat. If you can’t go completely flat, add very slight curves. Your eyebrows should extend a little beyond your eyes towards the outer corner. This will widen your face and make it look balanced.




Square Face


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To make this angular face shape look softer, curved brows are the way to go. You can also go a little angular. For the balance, don’t go too angular or too curved.




Oval Face


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There is no need to balance an oval face with any particular eyebrow shape. For your balanced face, soft-angled eyebrows are best. Soft angle means a shape that goes up straight, curves at the top and comes down.




Diamond Face


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The diamond face is very wide in the middle. You should definitely stick to softly curved eyebrows. You can also get round eyebrows as these will also help in softening the angles of your face.




Heart Face


eyebrow shape best

As your jawline is thin, the best eyebrow shape for you is thin. Do not go for too thin brows but also never opt for bold brows. You should ideally have curved eyebrows. The arch should not be very high but just good enough to form a ‘heart’ with your chin. This is the most natural look for a heart shaped face.




Have you determined your eyebrow shape?

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  1. I have a round face n arched brows suit me a lot, once a gal at parlour gave a round shape n it did look really bad n rather added years to my look, nice post


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