How to Detox Liver for Acne


How to Detox Liver for Acne

Hello beauty queens,

How many of us suffer from seasonal acne? Almost everyone of us! Be it that you suffer from acne all year round or only during specific seasons, pesky acne is very disheartening! And although we are all for self-acceptance, a few good changes are always welcome!
We have all heard about full body detox which has overall benefits for the body! But did you know specific organs can be detoxified to cure specific conditions!

We know that all the body organs are well connected to each other and our life style ls play an important role on the well being of our organs. Cleansing of our entire body is essential to keep our organs healthy. And if our body organs are clean and healthy then it shows on the skin as well. To get acne free skin detoxification of liver is essential. Below is a step by step tutorial to detoxify your liver.

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Step 1: Stop Taking Toxins

There are many things that are harmful to the body such as cigarettes, alcohol, pesticides in your food, antibiotics, metals, etc. These result in not only acne but also in other health problems. So, in the first step you need to stop consuming these toxic things. Get the organic food instead to avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals. How do you know which vegetables and fruits should be considered organic and which need not be organic? There are clean 15 foods which you need not go for organics while consider getting organic for the dirty dozen.

Step 2: Start From Within

Acne starts from inside out. These are the result of what you did in the past but not what you are doing now. Your skin shows the health of your body itself. So, it is important to treat them from inside for which there are few things you should consider doing from now.

  • Drink plenty of clean water every day. It is important to flush out all the toxins from the body and keep yourself hydrated all the time. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day but try drinking few more glasses.
  • You need to do colon cleanse and not let the wastes build up there. Cleanse your liver and consume foods that help your liver. Avoid caffeine and alcohol completely.
  • Eat the clean fifteen without any worry, and get organic vegetables and fruits listed in the dirty dozen.
  • Use a water filter for your shower in order to limit the amount of chlorine reaching your skin.
  • Take herbal teas instead of your regular cup of tea. Drink detox drinks.
  1. Eat foods which help your liver such as beets, broccoli, sweet potatoes, lemons, lentils, apples, garlic, onions, leafy greens, etc.
  2. Take herbs that help in liver detox like borotutu bark, chanca piedra, greater celandine, chicory root, dandelion root, organic turmeric, peppermint, etc. Get those which are available to you.

The easy way to detox your liver is to use herbal teas such as green tea, chamomile tea, etc. to which you can also try adding herbs. Prepare detox drinks in large quantities so that you can drink though out the day. Eat clean and avoid toxins. That’s all you need.

Step 3: Natural Treatments

Instead of using products loaded with chemicals, use everything natural and organic. Use herbs to treat your acne and reduce the breakouts and side effects.

Step 4: Detoxifying Mask

Those with severe acne are advised to use detoxifying masks with bentonite clay which draws out all the toxins from the skin. Use it as a part of your bath if possible. This mask if used once a week can give good results.

Step 5: Observe

Your body may show you bad results initially but don’t stop there thinking it didn’t work for you. As said before your acne is the result of your past actions but not present actions. So pay some patience and wait for the good results which are on the way.

Step 6: Nutrition

See if you are deficient of any vitamin or mineral because of which you may have acne all over face. Add the foods to your diet which fulfill your deficiencies and make you healthy.

Step 7: Make It A Habit

Your body needs to adjust to the changes you have made to your body. So you need pay some patience and wait for the results. Never try to speed up the process using all those abrasive cleansers and creams. Adapt to this new change and keep your body clean from inside and outside. Stay healthy from inside to look healthy from outside.

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