How To Detox Your Skin and Body After Festive Season


Hello ladies!


Hope your Diwali was good enough to be a sure memory until next year. Mine was equally awesome and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Though I must admit that the smog this morning was enough to make me realize that the level of pollution we spill over a day is enough to pollute the air for days ahead. Really it was something and to come to think of the effects it would have had by now over our skin makes me feel really bad about myself and all of us who are skin health enthusiasts.

And now I seriously have to detox my skin as I cannot allow my skin to be affected to such an unhealthy environment for long. I am sharing here some tips to detoxify your skin and body after this festive season. Hope this would come to your rescue as well.

Drink loads of water


Water has always been the best friend to your skin as well as body. If you are looking at a healthy glow on your skin as well as a good metabolism for your body, drinking right quantity of water is your answer. You got to drink right, feel right and do right to be in the right shape with a healthy skin.

Consume fruits


Yes! Fruits act as the best stimulator for setting our body right and also impart glow to our skin. The necessary nutrients keep us going.


Applying fruits orally on the skin also helps rejuvenate it specially after the makeup you must have applied over the past few days. Moisturizing using fruits helps a lot in clearing the skin of all impurities likewise the consumption of fruits cleanses the body.

Check your diet


Consume non-oily food after all the sweets and heavy food intake over the past couple of days. Try and drink warm water for a couple of times to burn the excessive fat you might have accumulated. Also, try consuming green tea 2-3 times during the day and avoid tea and coffee as caffeine as green tea is more effective on toxins inside your body.



While this should be a regular routine, for now it is a necessity as you must have galloped a huge lot of sweets and oily fatty food.


Exercising would help you burn the fat much easily and of course not to mention that you need to carry this on as a habit and not leave it beyond a few days .

Sleep right


We all had an exhausting time over the weekend due to Diwali and while the festivities continue for another couple of days, it is necessary that we catch up on sleep for at least 7 hours during the night as it would keep us balanced and prevent us from falling sick. This would also enhance our body’s resistance and fatigue would not be a concern.


I hope the festival of lights made you happy and you enjoyed every bit of it. With now sometime for the Christmas and New Year we have got a good breather to rejuvenate ourselves and go fit to move to the next year. Do try these simple tricks and sail through the tiring times with enjoyment all over.



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