How To Diminish Dark Circles Through Makeup


How To Diminish Dark Circles Through Makeup

Dark circles are the biggest turn-down for women. Specially because these capture attention pretty quickly and if you do not know how to hide them using makeup, you are ruined! What can be done to remove these dark circles is a big question that requires a lot of changes in our lifestyle and natural remedies. These lifestyle changes include sleeping for 7-8 hours and taking care of our allergic reactions or making sure we avoid things causing allergic effects on us.
Natural remedies like using cucumber under eye, or fresh cream with castor oil or frozen used green tea bags that can give healing and cooling effect to the eyes and prevent dark circles. But these are only helpful if we improve our lifestyle.


Anyway, right now in the festive season, we cannot wait for the dark circles to disappear; we would need to do something using makeup. But how can we do that?

This is not that difficult girls, relax! Makeup can do wonders! Just sit back and relax. I am jotting down step by step procedure which could help you hide the dark circles.

Step 1: Pick the right concealer

perfect concealor

Biggest step! Believe me if you choose the right concealer, you have sorted 80% of your problem. When you go shopping next, pick a concealer which is at least two tones lighter than your skin type.

Step 2: Applying the concealer

Maybelline instant age rewind concealer before and after

Dab the concealer gently under your eye using the tip of your finger wherever you find dark circles. Usual phenomenon is to find dark circles in the semi-circular portion under your eye. Now blend it using a damp sponge or your finger tip only. Ensure that the concealer has mixed into your skin and dark circles are not visible.

Step 3: Dampen the concealer using compact powder

L'Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Concealer

Now use damp sponge to apply some powder over the concealer and let it blend in. Ensure that the powder seeps in your skin and it does not show up in an unpleasant manner.

Step 4: Choose a dark eye liner

how to use eyeliner

Always choose a darker color for eye lining as it will ensure your eyes look brighter and will drag the attention away from your dark circles. Apply a thick coat of eye liner on above and under eye to ensure that the dark circles are not highlighted while the eyes look big and wide to grab all the attention.

Step 5: Use a waterproof mascara

Lorac Pro Black Noir Mascara

Always choose waterproof mascara that will prevent any smudge from happening. Using any other mascara could add on to dark circles so avoid it completely.

Step 6: Use a highlighter

how to apply highlightr

Using a highlighter could add to your makeup by making it shine. Also, it can prevent dark circles from appearing. Blend it in after using the highlighter using your finger or a fine brush. Ensure that it does seep in properly.

These small steps could help ensure that the dark circles are not visible this time around when you have to go out. But we would strictly advocate a change in your lifestyle and correction of this using any natural remedy to ensure that these dark circles do not appear again. This is because, makeup can provide a temporary respite but it is not a permanent solution to your other nutrition needs and alike body skin also needs its balanced nutrition.

Have you tried these makeup tips to hide dark circles?

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