How To Do A Side Swept Braid With Pictures


By Prerna,

Like all of you, I  too keep reading newspapers and magazines to read the latest happening in film/fashion world, as and when I could make out time. Last week in the red carpet events of India, I saw many divas in braided hairstyle with their western gowns, they were looking stylish yet very casual and relaxed due to that hairstyle.

Instantly a thought generated in my mind that this casual hairstyle is great for girls like me who do not know much styles of tying hair. Or when I’m in a hurry, then it is a rescue hairstyle for me to give a casual yet chic look! It is really pretty and bound to add femininity to any look. So I quickly googled to get some pictures of celebrities with side swept braid.


Side Braid Hairstyle doesn’t require long hairs even with  shoulder length hair they look pretty cute

Some facts to know with updos with braids

  1. It is an easy to do this hairstyle, no need to go to parlour for it.
  2. It looks great at formal events as well as in casual outings.
  3. Side braids work both for day as well as night look
  4. Can also save you on a bad hair day as the frizzy hair will transform into carelessly braided hair and a nice look.

Side Swept Braid

How to do a side-swept braid:-

  1. Bring all of your hair to one side over your shoulder, comb them well.
  2. Apply any glossing hair cream or leave on conditioner so that hair does not look dry.
  3. Braid the hair beginning just behind your ear.
  4. Once the braid is done, tie the end with a black elastic hair tie or a hair band matching with your dress
  5. Next, pinch a small portion of hair (like 4-7 hair strands) near the end of the braid and pull them out to give an unfinished/messy look when you are in a casual mood if trying out this hairstyle for formal meetings, better do it in Diya Mirza way ie. Not to pinch out much hair strands from the braid.
  6. To glam it up you can put a flashy hair band, or satin ribbon, jewelled hair clips/pins behind your ear.

Easy braide hair style

It can be an easy summer hairstyle which surely going to be in this time 🙂

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