How To Do Animal Makeup


How To Do Animal Makeup

Hello beautiful,

How are your summer days going? I have been feeling a little bored from the monotony of Delhi, and this boredom made me wander through some of the most brilliant animal inspired makeup looks on the internet.

Though, applaud worthy, the thing which crossed my mind almost instantly was that we did not have many animal makeup look inspos here in India. And the makeup freak I am, I just thought of letting you guys know about how to do such kind of a look, a leopard inspired look, just in case. πŸ˜‰

animal makeup how to

So girls, put up your hair, grab some bold makeup shades, face paints and brushes; wear an old shirt, get some fresh towels and an old cloth; and let’s get started.

Chose a room with proper lights and seating

Yes, the first rule to almost any kind of makeup is good lighting and comfortable seating. And of course, you would be working with some really bold and bright hues, so a dim lighting is not even an option. Wear an old shirt, you do not want to spill any color on your new dress. Put your hair up in a ponytail and get place your butt in front of a well-lit mirror. πŸ˜‰

Create a colored base

We all learnt the basics in kindergarten, so I hope this aspect of the base makeup wouldnÒ€™t be quite a puzzle to solve. Pick up a tan-yellowish base, wet a makeup sponge or wedge, dip it in the color and get started with your face painting. Keep the layers as thin as possible, as you can always layer up the color intensity. Make sure to cover up any patchiness with another coat of your base color.

Pick a white tinted powder

As a novice I always wondered how the lip area in animal makeup looked so like a real animal’s pout. I recently received my answer, through internet of course; and the trick is white powder. Take a suitable white loose powder and apply a heavy coat (remember to apply in layers to build up on the heavy intensity) on the entire upper lip area of your face. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and then lightly dust off the excess using a fan brush. You will get that lifted mouth look which a leopard generally has.

Never thought that creating an optical illusion like this could be so easy!

Paint the outer tip of your nose black

Starting at the center of the tip, paint your nose in slow and sleek motions. Line the upper openings of your nostrils with the same brush and intensify the color to the desired results.

Aw, such a cute leopard-nose. <3

Create some whiskers

Playing with the cat-family look, take the same black face paint and a thin brush with rigid bristles and paint some whiskers in light feathery strokes. Try and keep it as natural as possible. Apply a tiny dot of paint and by applying slight pressure, start flicking out the whisker; applying little or no pressure at the ends. Just make sure to let the whisker look like a whisker and not some duly measured out thick black line. Next, place some faded black, irregular dots in between those whiskers, scattered but in a put-together way.

Line the upper lip

Oh yes, just one more step to the perfect leopard mouth. Take the same brush dipped in black paint and with soft feathery strokes, circumvent the upper lip. When you reach the outer corners of your upper lip, just extend it upwards, like in an upward curve motion. And voila, you are done with your mouth makeup. If you want you can fill in your lips with either a nude lippie or something in a dark berry shade.

Paint those leopard spots

The final step to make you look like a surreal leopard miniature is to paint on some spots. These spots are in no ways meant to be regular, well-placed or well-sculpted. Get messy, and draw small semi-circles using sensible, yet wriggly motions. If you are a new-be to this kind of a look, just limit your leopard spots to one side of your face, preferably your better side (I bet everyone has one); but if you want to get a little more creative, go on, paint them all over the face. The next you do is filling in each of those pretty black spots with light dustings of shimmery champagne or gold colored highlighters. And there ma’am, we are done. πŸ˜‰

Go bold on the eyes

Line your peepers ever-so-heavily, slather up on heavy-duty kohl and add some fake lashes to further up your glam quotient. After all, cats are sexy, aren’t they?

Add in a choice of accessories

Now that the entire makeup look has been put up together, chose the most perfe4ct hairstyle for your face type and add some cool hair accessories. Wear a plain black dress to keep it all-the-more sexy, yet oh-so-elegant. And you my girl are good to go. :*

I have always thought cats to be so cute yet sexy in an intriguing way; and if a big-cat makeup was this easy, I am all in for it.

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So are you bold enough to try this raunchy look?

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