How To Do Bengali Bridal Makeup


How To Do Bengali Bridal Makeup

Proper makeup is very essential on your D-day. It enhances your best features and hides flaws (if any). Most of us like to hire a makeup artist, but some want to do the makeup themselves on their day.

So if you want to do your own makeup on your D-day, or if you want to do makeup on a Bengali bride, then this post is for you.


Indian bridal makeup look

(She is a friend of mine who got married a few months back, and I did her makeup) 


Apply face and eye primer

Using a makeup primer is the best way to make your makeup stay put on for longer. Clean, tone and moisturize your face and apply primer all over, don’t forget your neck.

Apply foundation

Use a foundation with NO SPF. SPF can make your face look white or flashed out in photography. Use a brush, or pat it gently instead of rubbing and blend well.
(NOTE: I always prefer foundation first because it allows me to see which areas on the face need more coverage.)


Apply a concealer with no SPF under your eyes and on imperfections, like corners of lips, corners of nose, etc.

Eye makeup

This is the most important part in Bengali bridal makeup. Bengalis have beautiful eyes, and make sure you accentuate them with loads of kohl. For eye shadows I would prefer muted colors than too bright ones. Muted Golden, bronzes, browns, cranberry etc. Apply the lightest in the inner corner and on lids, medium color in the crease, and darkest color in the outer V. Apply bold strokes of eyeliner, curl your lashes, and put on mascara.

You can put on fake lashes as well if you want.


beauty secrets of bengali beauty


Define your brows

Use your brow powder, pencils, gel or wax to groom your lashes. Comb using a clean mascara applicator.

Dust off all the fallouts if any.

Set your makeup with powder

Apply a little of a loose powder or pressed powder. Make sure you don’t apply it too much. Just dab a bit.

Apply Blush

Apply on the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards. Don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a clown.

Contouring and Highlighting

Contouring and highlighting create a sense of balance, adding definition to your makeup with color. Take a matte bronzer and apply it under your cheek bones to contour. And to bronze, simply put it anywhere the sun would naturally hit. Highlighting works with contouring. For example, when you contour your cheeks, you apply contour in the hallow area and highlight the apples. You also highlight the brow bone to open the eye and give depth to the crease area. Apply highlighter on the brige of your nose as well.


Apply a nude lip liner/stick all over your lips. Define your lips with a lip liner. Make sure the color of the lip liner you are using for defining your lips is the same color as your lipstick. Dark lip liner and light colored lips is a strict NO. Finally apply lipstick. After a layer of lipstick, blot and reapply.

Final touch

You can either use a setting spray to finish the look or just take a clean puff and buff away all cakey spots.


bindi chandan for bengali bride


Bindi and Chandan work

Now Bengali bridal makeup is incomplete without chandan work on forehead. Traditionally, chandan was used to draw the beautiful motifs, but now mainly white and red colors are used instead. And there is nothing sexier than a red bindi


bengali bridal saree


So, that’s it. Drape your Benarasi in the traditional Bengali style, gold jewelry, the veil, a bun with front poop and you are ready to swoon the world 😛

Do you like the traditional style of Bengali bride?

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  1. We have almost same makeup rituals in oriya too 🙂 but we have such dearth of good makeup artists at our place 🙁 i find almost brides looking ghostly white or grey , i feel they look better in real thn with makeup :p ,

    • Taps I am an odiya too…bought up in Hyd though. I visit my relatives once a year in BBSR. I know what you are talking about…Last month my cousin got married and thankfully aother cousin of mine who runs her own parlours in bBSR did her makeup and saved the day unfortunately her elder sister wasnt as lucky(since my makeup wali cousin was not around then).

  2. Madhu first of all the make up you did on your friends complements her real weel…lurrrved the eye makeup especially !!! And coming to your pic what do i say…uffff…aag laga di !!


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