How To Do Body Spa At Home


Mukta asks,

Hi Friends,

I love how my skin feels after taking body spa but with constant increase in the SPA packages I wanted to know if there is an easier option available to get that silky and smooth skin.Your quick and effective tips will be helpful 🙂


how to do body spa at home



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  1. If you apply a mixture of cocoa powder, any good quality vegetable oil, honey and some yoghurt or cream together. Mix and apply and go to sleep for 40-50 minutes. get up, and wash your body with water. you’ll find silky smooth glowing skin.

  2. You can mix French green clay, rhassoul clay, Moroccan red clay, bentonite clay and kaolin with dead sea salt If available, otherwise sea salt would do. Mix the clays and salt with warm water and they then add abt 2 tbps oil of your choice. Apply thin layer all over body immediately as it dries fast. Leave for 20 min and wash. Repeat once a week. This is very good mud bath. Ur skin will be super soft and with regular use it detoxes ur skin removing excess fat.
    U can find these Clays with online wholesale suppliers.


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