How To Do Brand Collaboration and Get Free Stuffs!


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This post is a little different from all the posts I have done till date. This is about Brand Collaborations and getting some free stuff for your blog reviews or youtube videos. This very word ‘free’ rings a ‘ding-dong’ in my mind as I love getting free stuff for myself and I am sure most of you also do so! But when you are a budding beauty blogger/YouTuber, getting brand collaborations and free samples can be a little tricky.


So all you new bloggers/YouTubers in town, put on your reading glasses and here I go with the steps and tips!

  • When you are going for a collaboration with a brand, the first thing that you need to decide is the longevity of the collaboration. Now, this can be either short-term or long-term. By short-term collaboration, I mean the brands send you samples and you review them, that’s it. By long-term collaboration, I mean you get associated with the brand and they keep on sending their samples and new launches and you keep on reviewing them for a prolonged period.


  • Now the second point that has to be noted is the consistency of your blog/channel. If you review only sample/free stuff, you won’t invest a good time and effort to the blog which can have a negative impact on the readers as well as the brands. Try to incorporate more than just beauty in your blog and some products which you have bought with your own money. It’s your own blog/youtube channel and you have to invest in it!


  • Consistency is the third thing which is really important. If you are not regular/consistent, then brands won’t be that interested in your blog/channel.

  • Good content is probably the most important thing when it comes to getting brand collaboration. If you focus on good content for your blog, brands will definitely come to you. If you don’t have a good content on your blog, brands will skip you for someone better. Keep this in mind!


  • Page views and likes are also important when it comes to brand collaboration. Brands see your page views and reader interest in your blog when they contact you and so keep this thing in mind. Spamming is not any solution for getting a good reader base. So just give this point a reading before spamming the next time.

  • A good following is essential for a brand to know that you can give them a good exposure. Always have a draft ready to send the blog mentioning your subscriber, page views and all other important stats. This will help the brand to know your work better. Always remember you are the face of your blog/youtube channel but it is your blog/youtube channel that has to become a name. So plan accordingly!


  • Don’t rely completely on the brand for sending the products. If you feel that your readers will like this post and products, then go ahead and buy them. If a brand sees your dedication towards it, they will surely appreciate it.


  • At last, if you are only looking out for free samples then, set up a good site, keep on promoting it and then approach the brand. At every brand page, there is a ‘Contact Me’ option which you can select and tell them about your wish to collaborate with them. Maintain a good followership, though.


  • Now coming to SPONSORED POSTS. (Eyes wide awake, right? 😀 ) When you have collaborated with a brand much and have developed a good reputation with the brand and if they want you to review a particular product in a particular fashion, you can ask for some payments. It is a tricky thing but you can do as long as it doesn’t hamper the relationship.

  • Now comes a fun part – a Facebook page for getting collabs. Yes, there is an FB page called ‘MEDIA MOVEMENT‘ which is all about beginners and bloggers. There are a lot of brands too and so if you feel like going about and joining them, surely do!


Check out the whole video here:

And that’s all folks! Hope you will get benefitted from this post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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