How To Do Bright Ombre Lips – Tutorial & Video


Hi Ladies!

If you are a makeup freak like me, you must be aware of the hot trend in town- ombre colors. You may even know that ombre means fade or ‘shaded’. The ombre trend is now a massive hit with models and features regularly on catwalks and fashion shows, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to nail the look.We are now seeing the ombre trends every where weather it is in dresses,hair coloring or onto Lips!

ombre lips pink and orange

The ombre lips trend with in different shades and application is breaking the internet.

I am an avid lipstick lover.Preening lips for every then and now is my religion.Well, Here I have tried Pink-orange tutorial which is quite bright and great for parties and festive season.

How to Achieve Ombre Lips in Just 3 Steps

Step 1

Prep and Prime your lips with the help of hydrating lip bam and wipe off excess with help of a soft tissue. Outline your lips with the a creamy- matte finish pink lip liner and leave a square shape space between your lip to fill next color which you want to make your lips ombre with.

Step 2

With the square shape space with the help of creamy -matte orange lipstick. Blend the pink lip liner and the orange lipstick with a clean lip brush.Now, again apply lip liner and blend. Remember,blending is the only key to achieve perfect looking ombre set the mid part of your lips with the help of tango-orange matte eye-shadow.

ombre lips 101 tutorial

Step 3

Now apply a clear gloss only in the centre of your lips and Ta Da! you are all set to rock.

Ombre lips tutorial how to

Product Used

Hope you enjoy reading my post.Do try at this your own and I love to see your creation of ombre lips.

Until next time ,take care:)


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