How To Do Eye Makeup With Eyeliner


How To Do Eye Makeup With Eyeliner

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How are your days going by? Mine are going by a bit too pensive, all I do is sleep till late in the morning, and then rush up my morning routine to get ready for college. After all who does not love those few extra snooze minutes, well for starters, I definitely do.

Rushed mornings mean, less time for my makeup, which is such a turn off. Isn’t it? True, I can compromise on the rest of my makeup, but one thing I cannot compromise is with the way my eyes look. And keeping in mind my lack of time, I have thought of and compiled a list of ways to create stunning eye makeup looks using just one product your very own eyeliner.

Create a base


Eye shadows have the potency to brighten up your eye area, but now that we do not have any time for all those shadows, the most important thing is to even out the skin on your eyelids using a tinted primer and a brightening concealer. Create a flawless base, that’s the unsurpassed trick.

Chose your eyeliner

Shiseido Cream Eyeliner

Eyeliners come in a variety of formulations from liquids, to kohl pencils to gel or cake to powder eyeliners. Choosing the most apt eyeliner formulation can get a little intriguing, but keeping in mind the style you want to create chose one which suits all your needs. My pick kohl pencils or gel eyeliners; they are the most easy to work with.

Using a liquid eyeliner


When going for the minimalist eye look, the one eyeliner variant which creates the highest impact is the liquid eyeliner hands down. But keep in consideration the fact that liquid liners can be a bit tricky to work with. To combat this problem, toss away the inbuilt brush provided with the eyeliner and instead use a specifically made eyeliner brush with soft but dense bristles. Keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible, and if you feel a little confident, flick out the liner at the outer corner for a more glamorized look.

Using a kohl pencil eyeliner

Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened EOTD

My cult favorite and one of the easiest and fastest eyeliners to work with are the pencil formulations. Kohl pencils are generally much pigmented and damn easy to smudge for a sultry eye makeup look. On those rushed mornings when you need that extra something on your eyes, grab hold of a pencil eyeliner and draw a thick line (uneven lines would work perfectly for this look as well). Now keep in mind that pencil liners need to be smudged within the first 10 seconds of application. With short strokes and a little pressure, use a pencil brush or a smudge brush and evenly smudge the liner out for a sultry Smokey eye. I swear, Smokey eye makeup couldn’t get any easier.

Using gel eyeliner

nyx gel eyeliner dark brown packaging

The second most-easiest eyeliner formulation to work with is the gel eyeliner, which generally come in cute pot packaging and need to be applied with a brush. Matte eyeliner looks fabulous in this weather, and a gel eyeliner (even without addition of any other makeup) does the trick astoundingly. Apply a fairly thin line on both upper and lower lash line try and keep the look smooth and rounded; it would look oh-so-stunning.

Chose colored eyeliners

coloressence waterproof eyeliner pencil peacock blue eotd

When amplifying the way your peepers look, playing with colors is such a cool option. Plums, rich navy, jeweled cobalt, jade greens, grays and browns are such beautiful options to swap your black eyeliner with. A whole new look without any extra effort, what else do we need?

Load up on lashes

Shiseido Perfect Mascara EOTD

Now that we are not using anything else on the eyes except eyeliner, make sure you flutter your lashes in the best possible ways. Using 2 or more different mascaras, apply multiple coats (no clumpy lashes, please) to get the best lash effect. When playing with colored eyeliners, try layering your regular black mascara with colored mascara in the color complementing your eyeliner. How cool would that look? 😉

So which of these eye makeup looks would you be trying with using just an eyeliner?

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