How To Do Foundation Like A Pro


How To Do Foundation Like A Pro


How many times have you drooled over the skin of your favourite actresses and models? Their skins always look so perfect and glowing that we wish to own them.


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Not everyone is blessed with that glowing skin and a lot of work goes into perfecting the skin. Now you can also have the smooth skin of your dreams by using some simple pro-tips. I’ve looked around the web and have compiled some backstage tricks that will give you spotless complexion-

Pick your Best Match


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Foundation should be tested on your jawline and that too in natural light. Never trust the store lighting. Apply a little, go out and check. The colour should match your complexion perfectly. The perfect shade of foundation will not be visible even if you do not blend it.

Clean and Prep


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Clean skin is vital for flawless and long-lasting makeup. Cleanse your face properly and apply a moisturiser as per your skin type. Wait for 5 minutes and apply a primer. Primer is to be used when you want your makeup to last very long otherwise only foundation can do the job well. A primer is a must in case you have large pores as primer helps in shrinking them.

Pick your tool


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Beauty blender is quite popular for an air-brushed foundation finish. You can use a sponge for heavy coverage and fingers will suffice if you need only light coverage. Another great way to apply foundation is to use a stippling brush. You are not supposed to swipe the brush or blender rather just tap it on face to get a natural flawless look. Start from the middle of face and blend outwards.



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After you have perfected your foundation, apply concealer. To cover the under-eye darkness, take concealer on a pointed brush and apply on inner and outer corner of eyes. Then blend it towards the centre. This way your under eye darkness will be covered naturally and will never look fake. Apply concealer on all other areas that need coverage like sides of nose, blemishes and the area around the mouth. Here too use the stippling motions. Always pick a concealer that is just one shade lighter than your skin. Any lighter and it will look completely unnatural.



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Generally the powder is applied to keep the skin matte but it doesn’t mean that your face should look dull. Pick a luminous powder that will make your skin glow. You can try applying translucent powder starting from one side of your hairline, take it down to cheekbone and then up to the nose-bridge. Then continue to the other cheekbone and go up towards the other side of hairline. In simple words use a W motion.

A perfect base will enhance the rest of your makeup and will never make you look cake-y.

What are your favourite foundation tips?

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  1. Hi Maitri,
    Simple and easy steps to remember. Now all i need is some courage and luck to find the right foundation and concealer. Lol. 😊


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