How To Do Hot Oil Manicure


How To Do Hot Oil Manicure

Recently, Ishleen did a post on How To Give Yourself A Professional Looking Manicure At Home? and it was really something quite useful for women who have a busy schedule. Many of us constantly look out for such posts as the fast paced life sometimes doesn’t allow us to take out ample time and visit a salon to pamper ourselves.

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A manicure visibly changes the the look of the nails and comes out to be something too important if you are someone who loves to keep long nails as they need proper care to make them look healthy and shiny.

However, we have till now learned about the best and easy way to do manicure at home with the basic ingredients available at home. This time, I will be sharing a relatively different method of manicure and it is the Hot Oil Manicure.

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Hot Oil Manicure

Usually hot oil manicure is done for damaged and dry nails which are too prone to breakage due to the lack of proper care. It is just like an extraordinary treatment of the hands and nails. The normal manicure leaves the hands and nails healthy and glowing. While a hot oil manicure also provides intensive nourishment to the nails. It also lessens the day to day care which we do for our nails.

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The process of Hot Oil Manicure uses nourishing oils like castor oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, almond oil based on the nourishment needed.

In general, if you ask for this nail treatment at a reputed salon, the charges will come out to be a little expensive. I would suggest to get it done only if you have an important occasion. And you want the added nourishment for your nails and you are willing to spend the amount! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Otherwise, if you have some free time at home, then you can do this at home itself and have the benefits as a salon treatment.

Steps For Hot Oil Manicure

The step by step process in which the Hot Oil Manicure is as below-

  • For the Hot Oil Treatment, the preparing steps of cutting, cleaning and filing your nails is almost the same and there is not much difference in the initial steps.

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  • The actual difference is that the soapy solution in which we have to soak our nails is replaced bY the hot oil solution. The hot oil mixture is prepared by mixing olive oil/ castor oil/ sunflower oil with a pure almond oil and warming it in a microwave for about 30secs.
  • The reason behind warming the oil is that heat tends to reduce the density of the oil.It becomes thinner in consistency and so it easily seeps through the skin and absorbed easily.

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  • Now next step is to dip the hands in this hot oil for about a while until the oil cools down to room temperature. As it cools down, reheat it again for about 20 secs and repeat the same dipping process.
  • Now take out the hands and massage the hands & wrist with the oil on your hands. Make sure to emphasize more on the cuticles. After an elaborate massage, wash the hands with plain water. Now wipe the excess oil residue.

No Harsh Soap

  • Do not use any harsh soap for a while and let the nails have the luxury to get nourished to the maximum.
  • Also, don’t hurry to apply a nail paint as soon as the manicure is done!
  • The standing time will help the nails to gently absorb all the goodness of the hot oil treatment. It will replenish the dryness & brittle nails to healthy and strong nails the next day.
  • If you are in a hurry then I would suggest to get this treatment done at least 2 days before. Then apply a nail paint to get the most out of the Hot Oil Manicure treatment! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you like the post and try the Hot Oil Manicure treatment soon during the weekend!

Have you tried Hot Oil Manicure treatment before?

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