How To Do Karvachauth Puja



How To Do Karvachauth Puja

Karvachauth is a big day for every married woman in India specifically in North India.

This is not just any festival, and is of great importance to every married woman.

It is believed that women observe this fast for the well being of their husband and it is said that the fast of karvachauth adds years of life of the husband.

In some states even unmarried girls observe fast on this day for their future husband.

On the day of karvachauth a woman gets dressed up in lovely attires, beautiful jewellery and gorgeous makeup. But it is not just a matter of a day.

Women begin preparations for karavachauth a day before or even few more days earlier. All the Solah Shringar is considered mandatory for this day.


Karvachauth 2012


Today I shall tell you all about preparations of karvachauth and how the puja of karvachauth is performed:


For the women who are celebrating karvachauth for the first time, they are supposed to wear their wedding day “Bridal Attire” also known as Shaadi ka Joda. Women purchase dresses for this day in advance so as so to avoid crucial hour rushes. In dresses Red is the most popular color for the day.

Apart from the dresses women purchase matching jewelleries, accessories, sweets, dry fruits and most importantly Karwa. Though many make Karwas at home.

Mehandi is mandatory for this festival and women a day prior to Karvachauth get mehandi applied on their palms and feet.

Pooja ki thali is a must for this occasion, while some have a regular Puja Thaal that they use every year, while many purchase a new Puja Thaal every year.




Coming to the Puja Procedures, it varies from state to state and not much importance to this festival is given in South India as compared to North India.

The most popular Karvachauth Puja Procedures are of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. In this article we shall know about How Karvachauth Puja is done these states:


Here, in this state women wake up before sunrise and eat Sargi. Sargi consists of fruits, dry fruits and some solid food which is given by Mother in law to the daughter in law. So that she passes the day of fast with ease and is not weak throughout the day.

They prepare a Puja Thaal before sunset. The Puja Thaal consists of Sieve, diya, sweet and a karwa. After the thaal is prepared the women gather at one place and listen to the katha of Karvachauth.

After the moon rises, women pray to moon for the long life of her husband and then see the moon through a sieve and place diya in the sieve and similarly see their husband with the sieve, after which their husband offers water to his wife and she opens her fast.


In Rajasthan women wear chunris or peela to perform the puja. Women here do not have sargi and can drink water through the day. Women too prepare a puja thaal, and fill their karwa with rice and wheat.

By evening they hear the Chauth Mata Ki Katha, and put some wheat grains in their thaali after the katha.

When the moon rises, the fasting woman is asked “Dhapi ki Ni Dhapi?” (are you satiated?), “Jal se dhai”, “Suhag Se Dhapi” to which she responds, “Jal se Dhapi, Suhaag se na Dhapi” (I am satiated by water, but not from [love of] my husband, by this she means she wants the same husband in all her seven births).

Then the lady gives ‘arak’ to moon with her husband and then sees the moon, prays for the husband’s long life and then sees her husband. The husband then offers water and a sweet to his wife and after which she has a full meal.

Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh married women decorate the walls of their home with drawings of Gauri Maa, the moon and the sun. They also make the karwa with mud and perform the evening puja with earthen lamps and listen to the Karvachauth katha spoken by an elderly woman.

After the moonrises, women before looking at the moon, they pray to the figurines at their doorstep.
The ladies exchange their Karvas seven times, while exchanging they sing

“Sadaa suhagan karva lo, Pati ki pyari karva lo, Saat bhaiyon ke behen karva lo, Vrat karni karva lo, Saas ki pyaari karva lo…”

And then they offer arak to the moon, make a baayna inclusive of halwa, puri, matari and sweets.

These were three very popular rituals of performing Karvachauth Puja.

Do you have a different way of doing Karvachauth Puja? Please share with us.

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    • Hehehe.. can totally relate to the hungry wives. 😀 Will you be celebrating it? Would love a post on it frm all the wiseshians on hw they celebrated including photos. 🙂


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