How To Do Makeup For Dry Skin


How To Do Makeup For Dry Skin

There are various skin types- Normal, Oily, Combination and Dry. While ding makeup on normal and combination skin is a bit easy but doing makeup for dry skin is a s tricky as doing makeup for oily skins.

If you have Dry skin, then you must definitely have an experience of hitting on a few rough spots and getting them accentuated while trying to enhance your natural beauty with makeup. Instead of bringing out your skin’s glow, you just might be accentuating its imperfections.

Without the right makeup techniques, dry skin can look dull and uneven. But dry skin doesn’t always have to compromise your complexion. With right techniques and tips in hand you can get a flawless makeup done on dry skins as well.


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To bring an end to the dilemma of getting right makeup done for dry skin types today I shall share some steps which describes about how makeup is to be done on dry skins. Read on.

CTM Regime

To start with, first follow the regular CTM regime that you usually follow also ensure that you have exfoliated your face and lips. Makeup tends to sit on flakes, cake into dry areas and accentuate dry patches. Exfoliation helps in making skin smoother by taking away flaky and dry skin. At this step you should also exfoliate lips and if you don’t you will anyway have to get it done towards the end of the steps, so avoid the mess after foundation application and exfoliate your lips at this step only.  Now do a ice cube massage so that you skin does not dry out and your makeup too stays longer.

After this, do not forget to apply a lip balm post exfoliation. For the rest of the face moisturize it after exfoliation and wait for 2-3 minutes before heading to next step.

Prep Up Your Face


Colorbar Perfect Match Face Primer Review +makeup cosmetics

Never skip a primer especially if you have dry skin. A primer will not only create a smooth canvas foe easy application of foundation but will also allow makeup to last for long.

Base Makeup


Inglot YSM Cream Foundation

Always conceal your blemishes and dark circles first before applying foundation as this may reduce the quantity needed of foundation and thus prevent caked up look. Excess usage foundation make you look caked up.

Stay away from powder foundations, they are not for dry skins instead go in for cream or liquid foundations, you can even go for stick foundations. For the times when your skin is very dry, apply foundations with fingers, this allows to work the foundation into the skin and around dry patches. Take some foundation warm it between fingertips and then gently press onto the skin. For the extra foundation needed you can definitely use your favorite beauty blender or foundation brushes.

Eye Makeup


ELF Cream Eyeshadow Olive

It is of utmost importance to use a primer to help create a smooth canvas on your lids and prevent eye shadows from settling into any nooks and crannies. After you are done with eye primer task you can work on the eye look the way you want but make it a point to use cream eye shadows. You can use powder eye shadows over cream eye shadows to build crease and contour. Since the crease has natural oils, it won’t dry out very soon.

For liners, skip using pencil eye liners, what works best for dry skin are the liquid eye liners. Mascara should not be skipped at all.

Glowy Cheeks



Cream blushes work best for dry skins. They give skin a natural, dewy glow. Dry skins often have a problem in flawless application of blush. When blush is absorbed by dry skin it leaves dusty, blotchy color on the cheeks. For an even application use your ring finger to gently dab color onto the apples of your cheeks. Then, blend the color into your cheekbones using small circular motions.

If you are using bronzers, then  the same goes for bronzers, skip the powder ones.

Set It


Colorbar Skin Stay the Day Finishing Mist Review Package+facial skin care products

You can set the makeup with a finishing mist or also use translucent mineral powder at the end. But make sure to use the powder only if needed else go in for finishing sprays.

Perk Up Your Pout


Colorbar Pout in a Pot Lipcolor Fable Pink 003 Review Pot+lipsticks

As mentioned in the very first step you must have exfoliated lips and applied lip balm. Now remove any extra lip balm with the help of a tissue. Add a touch of foundation on your lips to create a base for the lip color and then use you lipstick. Ensure that you choose a creamy and moisturizing formula in case you have very dry lips and avoid very long staying & matte lip colors.

This was all about doing makeup for dry skin. Dry skin is usually very sensitive, so ensure to use fragrance-free, hypoallergenic cosmetics on your face so as not to exaggerate the issue. Also remove makeup before going to bed with a good makeup remover meant for sensitive skins. Olive oil and baby oil can prove to be the best makeup removers for dry skins.

I hope you find the steps and tips helpful. Share with us your tips to deal with dry skin while doing makeup, will love to know your suggestions.

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  1. Fantastic tips Ritika.. I have one more tip to add: Dab a very small amount of any light weight serum on the dry patches after your makeup is done.. It magically removes any dryness from the face. And no it does not move the foundation as you have already set it with a powder or a spray..

  2. Thnx a lot sweetheart.
    Much needed as i hv dry skin n gettng engaged on 22nd f ds month. Itz too cold in kashmir these days
    M nt much into foundations n until nw i hv used only lakme absolut n revlon photoready foundation as they suit me. Plz tell wich 1 shul i use for the day. Hv bought loreal basemagic primer, revlon skinlights highlighter, maybelline cream blush n Lakme absloute compact. Unable to find any settng spray as v dnt hv high end brands in kashmir

    • Always happy to help…. You can try kryolan, colorbar perfect match foundation…
      By the way i just received smaple of ZA foundation.. i found that great on my dry skin.. you can wait for the review


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