How To Do Makeup For Oily Skin


How To Do Makeup For Oily Skin

Doing makeup on all skin types may look easy but when it comes to oily skins, the makeup can really become a mess. Girls with oily skins are always concerned about how to do the makeup that stays for long and does not messes up quickly.


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On oily skin makeup fades and melts very easily, oxidizes too early and in worse cases may even clog pores. These problems does not seem to go away but luckily we have some great tricks and fabulous products that eases out these oily skinned makeup problems.

Mineral makeup is no less than a boon for oily skins. They are made of inorganic minerals, are free from oil, prevent growth of bacteria and prevent oxidizing of makeup.  Today I shall share with you all few steps that will guide your way through makeup for oily skin.

Prime Your Face

Begin with your routine CTM and then follow up with a good primer. Primer is known for easing out the makeup application process, but this is not it, primer also behaves as a protective shield between the cosmetics and your skin, this prevents makeup from clogging your pores. This will also help your makeup last for long. Always ensure that your primer is silicone free.

Creating Base


Maybelline dream matte mousse sandy beige medium foundation review

On oily skins most foundations fade off or melt easily and this calls the need of regular touch ups. For oily skins it is always recommended to use powder based foundations. These foundations keep shine at bay and at the same time do not feel heavy on skin. Water based liquid foundations and mousse foundation also works well for oily skins. Foundations with key words like Non comedogenic, mattifying, shine free, oil control or matte are the ones suited for oily skins. Conceal your blemishes and under eyes.

Set with A Translucent Powder


Kryolan must have+translucent powder

Compacts, loose powders and mineral powders are a complete must for oily skin beauties. These help in getting rid of shine and set the foundation to last longer. Loose powders work best for oily skins however you can always carry pressed powders in your bag for on the go touch ups.

Eye Makeup

Priming lids is something that should never be skipped in case you have oily skin. After prepping the lids create an eye look as you desire.

Add Flush Of Color


my favorite pink blushes 

Matte blushes are always the best bets for oily skins. Always use powder matte blushes instead of cream blushes as in case of oily skins cream blushes will only add up to a messy makeup look with a disco ball alike shiny cheeks. Long-wear cheek stains too are great for oily skins. They stay for long and are not easily prone to fading & melting.

Pop The Pout


Orange lipstick+mac dangerous lipstick retro matte 

I personally feel heavy creamy lipsticks or lip glosses are not very good for oily skins, because the upper lip area too is prone to oil secretion & sweating. Instead invest in good quality matte lip colors that stay for long, and do not budge away when you touch up your upper lip area.

These were some steps to be followed when doing makeup on oily skins, I hope you find it helpful.

What are your ways to fight the shine makeup face?

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  1. Nice article Ritz. Would you know of any good non silicone based primer? I have been looking for one but couldn’t find. Since I don’t use foundation very often I don’t want to invest on high end brands and then discard it after 2 years of minimal usage.

  2. Nice tips. But i have super dry skin. M gettng engaged next month. Can u do a post related to dry skin??
    Plz also recommnd sm nice foundations as most f d foundations oxidise on me. I hav a fair n yellow toned skin….


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