How To Do Makeup For Passport Picture


How To Do Makeup For Passport Picture

Hello Girls,

Today we will be talking about one of the most common things we face in our daily lives i.e. the passport pictures just don’t turn out to be s good as one looks in reality. I am one of those unfotunate persons who turn out to look completely different when I get clicked for a passport size photograph. I will share more of may sob story but before that I wanted to share a funny line, I read somewhere!

passport photo makeup

If you ever think you are beautiful, please have a look at your Driving License photograph!

This turned out to be the irony of my life and in spite of so many efforts, I never manage to get a decent passport size photo which at least resembles me like in real.

Well, the camera quality largely decides the quality of the photograph but I have even checked the cameras usually the digital studio person is equipped with and they are decent enough to get you a good click with clear facial features, as in passport size photograph you face is the main focus!

makeup for passport photo

So, here what we can do is to make sure that the makeup we apply for clicking a passport photograph is not too loud and not too dull! It should perfectly be in natural form and highlight the natural features of the face in a decent way.

Makeup Tips For Passport Photograph-

Lets, have a look at each of the makeup tricks one by one-

  • Make sure to apply a light stroke of concealer as the artificial lights make create shadows on the face which will reflect in the photograph.
  • Apply the base with a light hand and do not over do! Match the shade of the foundation and apply it over the neck area as well, as the passport photograph will easily capture the different skin tones of the face and the neck in case you skip applying the base under the chin!
  • Blend out the base thoroughly as this is eventually going to give a flawless look in the passport photograph.
  • Apply a translucent powder to give a finishing highlight to the areas like forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. It will help in setting the foundation and also control the shine on these areas of the face as it may get captured by the camera lens and make your look a little weird.

Kryolan must have+translucent powder

  • Always make sure that you don’t go over with the makeup as it may not look good in the pictures. Keeping the makeup minimal is the best way one can look good in passport pictures.

eye makeup step3 and 4

  • Another tip is to focus on the eyes and apply an eyeliner/ kohl decently as that will make your eyes attractive in the picture. Never forget to fill in the brows. It was a personal experience and the only time I liked my passport was that time itself. :-p
  • Don’t make your neck too stiff as it will create a double chin look and you will end up disliking your passport photograph yet again.
  • Go easy on the lip color and avoid tangy and vibrant lip shades as you may end up looking weird with all the lip color gone overboard. Choose nude/ nude pink shades for the same.


Above all, make sure you wear the most important accessory which is a hint of smile and believe me it will turn out to be your perfect shot! 🙂

Well, these were some of the tips which are usually advised by professional photographers who click portraits and other high resolution captures. Make sure you apply each of these tricks when you go for a assort click anytime soon! I am definitely going to follow these! 🙂

What kind of makeup do you prefer for a Passport Photograph?

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