How To Do Makeup Like Miley Cyrus



How To Do Makeup Like Miley Cyrus

Our favorite star of the hit Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana” has become famous and is in the limelight especially for all the wrong reasons.

Now I really used to adore that small teenage girl. The innocent looks, cute smile, beautiful eyes, the sultry highlights and cascading waves made her look really pretty. Now, I have personally lost the “love” I had for her, but quiet like the makeup in some of her appearances.


Miley Cyrus makeup looks


So, here’s how you can do your makeup to look like Miley Cyrus.

The Base

Now, she has a very pretty fresh complexion which is around NW 15, without any flaws. Thus she chooses a primer and then a medium coverage foundation to create an even and flawless base.



how to Miley Cyrus makeup


She has really beautiful eyes and loves accentuating them. She prefers both dramatic eyes and soft neutral eyes depending on her mood and the occasion.

For soft and neutral eyes


how to do makeup like Miley Cyrus


  • There are many times when you’ll see Miley with long theatrical lashes by using heavy mascara on eyes and nothing else and its killing. Just apply a satiny white eye shadow on the lid blended with neutral eye shadow on the crease and apply loads of mascara.
  • A simple cat liner with mascara is her favorite too. Finishes off with layers of mascara.
  • If you want some more colors on eyes without being too stark, then apply a white shimmer eye shadow on the entire lid blended with a medium brown eye shadow into the crease. Apply a metallic bronze eye shadow on the outer half of the upper eyelid and add depth to the eyes and create the illusion of fuller lashes by defining the lash line with a matte black eye shadow. She has small eyes and thus highlighting inner corner of eyes is very important. Finish off with brown eye pencil on lower lash line and mascara.

For dramatic eyes


miley cirus dramatic eyemakeup


She loves dramatic smoky eyes and also loves playing with different colors. The traditional black smoky eyes looks best on her cause it contrasts and brings out the color of her eyes. Green and blue eye shadows complement her as well.

Miley Cyrus’s fresh complexion is accented more by her sharp brows, so don’t forget to fill in and groom your brows.

The final face makeup

She has an oval face with pointed chin, and she still has the baby cheeks. Thus proper highlighting and contouring is needed. Go for flushed cheeks by sweeping on a pale pink or peach blush on the apple of cheeks and a matte brown bronzer on the hollow of cheeks to elongate the appearance of face. She loves sun-kissed look that looks fresh, radiant and youthful, and so she uses a luminizing liquid bronzer.


Red lips are her favorite and she is seen sporting them often. She goes for red lips when she has neutral eye makeup and she chooses pretty pinky nudes when she has dramatic eye makeup.


Miley Cyrus makeup how to


So, that’s it. She is young and keep that in mind. Don’t overdo with your makeup. Keep your makeup simple, fresh and youthful.

Do you like makeup sported by Miley Cyrus?

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