How To Do Matte Finish Makeup


How To Do Matte Finish Makeup

Matte finish makeup has made a comeback. Though dewy makeup has been the In thing for a long time, matte makeup is also making its presence felt again. Oily skinned girls love matte makeup and I’m sure they are happy about this trend. Dry-skinned girls can also carry matte makeup beautifully and the trick is good skin care. If the skin is well moisturized and has no flakiness then even the driest skin can flaunt matte makeup perfectly.

how to do matte finish makeup

Consider these tips on How To Do Matte Finish Makeup-


Cleanse and scrub your face. Use a light moisturiser.

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Primer is a must for matte makeup look. You need to look for something that mattifies skin completely. A good primer makes skin smooth and provides the perfect canvas for flawless makeup.


Many kinds of foundations can provide matte look to face. The basic liquid mattifying foundation can be a good choice. You can also wear cream to powder foundation for a matte look. Another option is to use mousse foundations for a matte look. Full finish powder foundations have become quite popular and give flawless matte finish.

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Do not use fingers to apply matte-look makeup as the oils on fingers may transfer to face which will not let your makeup stay matte. Once your foundation application is finished, blend it completely with a damp sponge. This way your face will not look cakey rather you will get a natural looking matte finish.

Do not skip the concealer but remember it to blend it well.


It is best to use loose powder for a non-cakey look. The powder will set the makeup and also prevent your face from becoming shiny. Oily skins can use powder all over face and dry skinned girls can restrict the powder to T-zone.


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Rest of the makeup

If matte makeup is your thing then you can use matte makeup products for the rest of your face. Matte eyes and lips give the full on matte effect. Lip stain also gives matte effect to lips without looking dull. Brush on some matte blush as well.

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If you think that going total matte will not look as appealing then consider highlighting your face. Instead of highlighting, you can go for shimmery or metallic eyes if you like to highlight your eyes. Another great tip is to wear creamy or glossy lip colour so that your pout looks plump and your face is not completely matte too.

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