How To Do Perfect Blow Drying Of Hair


How To Do Perfect Blow Drying Of Hair

It is a common notion that women look best after a fresh head wash and that the wet hair look seems to have a mysterios charm on everybody! But if you are going out or some guests are arriving at your place then surely you need to get out of the messy look and get you hair dried up so as to style it properly. For instance, a girl would never want to go to her office with wet hair while drops of water are tripping down her clothes.! ­čśë

Well, we all must have noticed that when we tend to visit the salon and the hair stylist blow dries our mane it appears much bouncy and manageable that time as compared to what we usually attempt to do at our home! Yes..that is right they don’t do any magic but it is just the effect of the best techniques to blow dry hair perfectly which the hair stylists are very well acquainted with.

tricks for perfect blow drying

So, here we will be talking about the tips & tricks for the salon inspired blow dried hair which anyone can attempt to achieve at home.

Keep the temperature setting low-

It is really important to keep the heat setting├é┬átemperature├é┬álow so that your hair don’t have to bear the high├é┬átemperature├é┬áwhich may eventually make them dry & difficult to manage. A medium or a low setting is ideal to be used for blow drying hair to let your locks remain in their natural texture.

Never forget a heat protecting product-

It is equally important to apply a heat protecting serum to avoid damage in the hair texture due to the high heat setting. Picking a good heat protecting spray or serum will surely let the hair remain in the natural form and reduce the damaging effects of heat.

Use a serum on towel dried hair-

Well, this is really important to understand that towel dried hair tend to easily spread the hair serum to the length of the hair in comparison to already dry hair. Also blow drying will give better results on towel dried hair.

Finger de-tangling-

Always use your fingers to de-tangle the most tangled locks after shampoo. If you use a comb, it wont solve out the tangling problem instead it will increase the hair fall.

Divide the hair in small partings-

One cannot dry all the volume of hair in one go to get the perfect blow dried hair. In fact it is usually done by stylist that they divide the hair volume in several parting and take time to dry each part separately. This way each apart tangles easily & also causes least damage to the already dried hair.

tips for perfect blow drying

Keep moving the dryer-

Another important thing to remember for getting perfectly blow dried hair is to keep moving the hair dryer on all the length & width of your hair and not only at one place at a time. This will reduce the heating damage caused to hair strands.

Lock the style with the Cool air setting-

This is applicable in that case where you have done a side or a middle parting or tied your hair in a pony so to avoid your style from messing it is advised by experts to lock the hair style by the cool air setting and you will experience lesser hair managing issues all through the day.

hair drying tips

So, these were few pro tips which are usually employed by the hair experts & stylists to give a bouncy & shiny mane and give the same shine & glossy look to the hair as you see in professional salons.

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  1. Super tips ira! I see so many gals walkin around with almost burnt strands thanx to over xposure t heat…shud def use a heat protector..

  2. One question to the ladies who blow dry.. I use Philips ionic dried or something.. even the cool setting blows warm air and not really ‘cool’ as such. . Is that normal or did I get a faulty drier?

  3. Actually Mitra it takes a little time to get back to cool air setting just after the hot one because the heat element used is same for both the functions if you put heat setting first it will take a little while to get that cold air..I think its normal!
    Ladies plz enlighten me if this is not ryt! ­čÖé

    • I guess so Ira..I always use only cool setting cause the hot setting is too hot for me. So even when I start off with just the cool setting its still on the warmer side. My earlier drier was an outdated one with just one setting so it dint bother me but with this one that I’m using since an year I’m just curious if thats how its supposed to function.

  4. Great tips Ira.. People generally overlook the importance of a heat protection spray and this harms the hair in a long run. My one tip will be always blow dry your hair when they are semi wet to tame the fly aways. Dry hair will get even more dry after blow drying.

    • yeah I agree Ayushi..i usually towel dry my hair apply a serum and then blow dry my hair on the medium setting in winters and cold setting in summers! I swear my hair were never this good when I didn’t use blow dryer at all!

  5. Great tips Ira, Recently I’m into hair products more n more, and all my recent products are great hit, i want to introduce all those to you guys, once i recover i will start writing missing WS a lot ­čÖü I use hair serum first on my damp hair, then heat protective spray or lotion, then start dividing hair and blow ry one after, finally after done, argan oil to tips/ends of hair, then finally a finishing hair spray (my fav bumble&bumble). Hey i’m using night cream for hair recently, and it is awesome products, which reduces hair fall, increase volume of hair, make hair shiny smooth, oh i’m so excited ­čśŤ ­čśÇ

  6. Very detailed an excellent tips Ira.. Loved d post ­čÖé I do follow almost all of dem but yes, not everybody keeps all these things in mind ­čÖé


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