How to do perfect layering in winters


How to do perfect layering in winters

Hello Ladies,

I am back again with yet another winter styling post. It seems like even if winters are not coming in full flair, we people will have our style games in full flair.

It has happened to all of us at some time or another that layering in winters gets tricky and we end up looking like a pile of clothes. We absolutely do not want to look like that, but not paying heed to some style tips leads our way to looking like a pile of clothes.


Let us pledge not to let this happen to any of us ever again. Ohhh…….Pledging makes it sound like a matter of life and death, but for any fashion lover it is no less than this. I hope this makes complete sense to you.

So before I float with the pledging stuff, let me share some easy tips and trick to perfect layering in winters and stop from looking frumpy.

Balance it out


Any look that you create can score best, if you develop an understanding to create balances. In winters we tend to layer a lot on top, this makes our top to look bigger. To even it out opt for slimmer silhouette on bottom. This will create a great balance and also tend to make you look slimmer even after a lot of layering.

Break up the look


When we layer, we tend not to add many colors and end up many a times in a single shade for the entire outfit. For example an all-black outfit can look unpleasing if you’re wearing tons of layers. To break this look you may wish to add some bold factor to your look by adding a sweater or a coat. Doing so does not only break the monotonous look but also takes your style game a notch higher.

Show some leg


Who says you got to ditch the mini dresses in your wardrobe during winters. You simply got to pick the best layer for your dress, paired with a fab pair of over the knee boots, and you are good to go. While styling a mini dress in winters, you may pick any long cardigan or coat, no matter how fluffy it is, but always ensure that the cardigan or the coat is slightly longer that the dress. The vice versa lengths of dress and outer layer may actually ruin the look.

Tale of textures


Layering is not all about piling all woolen stuff on and on. It is more about knowing the textures and getting them together the right way. Too much knit or too much fleece is always a game spoiler. Silk tops and trousers underneath a long jacket or a floor-length duster looks amazing while ensuring to give you a sleek shape. So does a simply tee and a denim bottom look underneath a floor-length duster.

Belt it


Amidst all the heavy winter layering, your fabulous body shape may just get lost. Simply throw a belt over your coat, to accentuate your waist and yet keep yourself warm. Do not opt for very broad belts, because this may damage more than to do well.

Blend the neutrals


The neutrals are always good when blended or mixed. Taupes, grays, and blacks are few of the easiest neutral colors to mix and match. Any combination of these three will go perfectly, irrespective of the many layers you pile on.

Having mentioned all this, one added tip is to keep your accessories thinner or smaller. Like a big bulky pair of boots paired with a bulkier coat will only make you look like a winter refugee, rather try balancing stuff as mentioned in my first tip.

I hope you people like these tips for smart layering in winters. Please pour in your suggestions and love  :-))  :-))  :-))


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