How To Do Quick & Easy Smokey Eye Makeup


How To Do Quick & Easy Smokey Eye Makeup

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A red lip, little black dress, winged eyeliner, Anil Kapoor and smokey eye some things are eternally sexy! And today I bring for you a quick and super-easy way to do the ever-so-classic smokey eye makeup look which will make you go ooh-la-la in just a few easy-peasy steps.

Prime your lids and under-eye area

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The last thing you want to have is your perfectly done smokey eye to smear and shift after just a couple of hours into the night. And to prevent this from happening, you need a good-quality eye-primer. Apply it in small dots all across the eye-lid as well as under your eyes and pat it till it gets completely absorbed into the skin. This creates a smooth surface to work upon.

Conceal and powder

Physicians Formula BB Concealor usage

Dark under eyes plus smokey eye is the best recipe for a huge disaster. Use a thin layer of concealer (if you have a severe under-eye blackness, use a color corrector before applying concealer) all across your under-eye area and dab it using your ring finger with the slightest pressure. Do not rub it in the skin as it will move the product instead of keeping it in place. Using a translucent powder and a fluffy brush, set in the concealer so that it stays put.

Plus, the dusting of powder will help you catch any shadow fall-out which can be easily cleaned using just a q-tip. Flawless indeed!

Apply a thick line of kohl on upper lash line


Using a heavy-duty, high-pigmentation kohl, draw a thick (uneven will do equally well) line on your upper lash line. Make sure there is no skin peeping from between the lashes and the kohl; draw as close to the lash line as possible.

Smudge using your fingers or smudging brush


Now the most important, and intriguing for some, step! Use a smudging brush to smudge your kohl line make sure to do this step within 5-8 seconds of kohl application as the kohl gets difficult to smudge once it sets. Smudge in upwards and outwards direction and with light pressure. We want sultry smokey eyes and not wild-raccoon eyes smudge while keeping this in mind. You can even use a q-tip or even your fingers to smudge your kohl out.

Apply the darkest shade of black eye shadow you own


Now take a dark shadow color, matching the hue of your kohl, and apply it just where the smudged kohl ends. Using a small eye shadow applicator, pat the color on to the lid. Now take a small fluffy blending brush, blend in both the smudged kohl and the dark shadow to intensify the smoldering effect.

Using a firm-bristled brush, press the same shadow into the lower lash line to intensify the sexiness of the look!

Apply a charcoal grey or dark brown shadow on the crease


This step is optional, but if you want a soft smokey eye, go ahead and apply a sheer wash of dark chocolate brown or ash-charcoal grey shadow. What this step will do is create a soft gradient effect black kohl, dark shadow, light shadow and then the bare skin beneath the brows stunning, isn’t it?

Line your upper-lash line and fill in the waterline as well

Using a heavy kohl or gel eyeliner, again line the upper lash line to further intensify the smokey eye effect. Do not smudge the kohl this time, instead let it stay and set on the lids. This step will give shape to the eyes beautifully.

Curl your lashes and apply heavy coats of mascara

how to wear false eyelashes

No smokey eye is complete sans batty, hot-as-hell, fluttering eye lashes. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. And if you are more daring, blast your curler with a hot gush from your blow-dryer, and then curl your lashes. Apply multiple coats of your favorite mascara; if possible mix two-three types of mascara formulations for added plumpness in the lashes.

So here we are! When are you creating the smokey eye for yourself?

Have you tried these tips to create easy Smokey Eyes?

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