How To Do Smokey Eyes By Vogue India


Few days back I was browsing the Vogue India website and saw amazing smokey eye tips by Lancome Head Makeup Artist, Stafford Braganza.He has given tips to do smokey eyes in five minutes.check it out here

Makeup Artist India

He just used two eye shadows and came up with this amazing eye makeup.

Lancome artist gave the step and this is what he did

The classic smokey eye has come a long way from black and grey.For the warmer months, a coloured version is the fashion-forward the way to, and we love how pink is this Spring’s pretty pick. To get you started, teamed up with Lancome Head Makeup Artist, Stafford Braganza who broke it down to five easy steps – easy as pie!

Step 1: After prepping your eye with concealer and a dust of translucent powder, trace your upper lash line with a black eyeliner pencil. With a flat brush smudge the color for a softer look. We love the Lancome Le Crayon Khol for its soft texture and ease of use.

Step 2: Go over your waterline with the black eyeliner so your eyes look defined. A gel eyeliner works best for all day wear.

Step 3: With a fluffy blending brush, apply a black eye shadow along the outer half of your eye blending into your eye socket. Start off with a very little amount of color on the outer corner of your eye moving inwards along your crease, so the density of color reduces half way in. Remember not to pull it all the way into the inner corner or you risk creating a circle around your eye.

Step 4: Using your clean finger gently tap a pink satin or shimmer shadow onto your eyelid. Blend it into the black shadow along moving upwards and outwards.

Step 5 : Finish off with a healthy coating of mascara for long lush lashes. recommends the Lancome Virtuose Black Carat Mascara for dramatic lashes that pair very well with a smokey eye look.(From Vogue India website)


Best and easy way to do smokey eyes

I used some of the dupes of the makeup products and came out with this smokey eye makeup look.It took me some 10 minutes to create this eye makeup look .Lancome artist gave simple eye makeup tips which was easy to follow 🙂


Smokey Eyes - How To Do Smokey Eyes

and this was the result.


how to do smokey eye makeup


Simple and easy:)



      • a very few in the whole office and none around me… i think i m one of those rare form of girls in the office who wear colored liner…. initially i was in the majority population too… but once started using i just love colors on my eyes 😀 :inlove:
        may be HR girls do eye make up but they are in different premise few blocks away from our building

    • Anks it was pretty easy…just three eyeshadows and some blending though whole makeup did take lot of time 😛
      how much time do u spend in doing your makeup?

      • That depends on the time I have…. these days I use the Lotus sunblock that gives coverage as well. So I top it off with compact and apply lipbalm if i have no time… if i have time, i add kajal, lipstick, blush, liner… in that order… again depends on the time 🙂 i skip eye shadows since i am pathetic at that… only if i am heading to a party or something, I’ll opt for a foundation/ base eye shadow / highlighter… that takes ages!!!

        what abt you, how long do you take?

        • everything depends on time..most of the time i skip foundation…just use foundation, compact, blush and a eyeliner if it is a black eyeliner i smudge it to give a smokey eye makeup look ..and if not smokey eyes then a dark lipstick works:)

  1. Lovely lovely lovely :-* i do smokey eyes only in 1 min wo bhi automatic you see 😀 just apply jovees kajal and it smudges so badly SMOKEY SMOKEY eyes :panda: ho hi jata hai 😀 lol :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    • :rotfl::rotfl:
      this was funny Shreya :)) and panda picture made it hilarious…:))
      that way even i can do smokey eyes in 1 min and ya after one min just dab any colour eyeshadow :D:D

          • Arey! You can! Its easy! Ask someone to punch you on your eyes you’ll know O:-) O:-)
            Err.. ok now I know you are banning my IP :-/ :-/

            • Anu please help me understand why is Maha always talking about punching peoples nose and if she needs to advice people on “naturally red lips” i know what she will advice…i’m not going to chennai and even if i do i will never tell Maha…poor bf of hers…Maha ur bf has his nose and eyes still in tact na :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :vampire: :vampire:


    I wish that too 😛 Hope it happens in future :lashes:

    Your smokey eye tutorial goes perfect with me too :highfive: 😛

  3. Whatever your camera setting was, you look fabulous…and the 2nd last close up of eyes…GORGEOUS…i’m trying this tonight to office 😀

  4. The ubtan? yeah i did use it for a week..then then when my monthly appointment with my derma came up, he gave a face wash to be used…so there goes my ubtan lying in my cupboad again…. can i use it as a face pack? will it help if i use my doc’s face wash and this ubtan as well…

  5. Whew…i cnt belive it…in just 10 mins..u got those beautiful smokey eyes done…please do it for me also….!!!Its very lovely Anamika..i just loved it!!!


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