How To Do The Hair Like 80s


How To Do The Hair Like 80s

The 80s was a decade known for its fashionable style which was fun, playful, big, bold, and wild, and the hairstyles of 80s were no different. The flashy, punky look of the 80’s era is something that we love even today but imitating the 80s look looks like quite a task. However the makeup look of 80s is pretty easy to achieve, but when it comes to the 80s hairstyles, we kind of dare not get into this.

Reality Check time!!!! Getting the 80s hair done is not as hard a task as it may seem. There are numerous 1980’s hairstyles which are really trendy and easy to do on your own at home with all the mousses and hair sprays and hair products. These can help us when we want to recreate the 80s hair look. In the 1980’s, it was all about using a lot of mousse in your hair, lots of hair spray, lots of scrunching, lots of backcombing.

There are many hairstyles of 80s that we still remember, out of the all I have selected the four most popular and easy hairstyles to flaunt if you intend to go to a 80s themed party or are just for fun to recreate the 80s era hair look.

Have a look.

Side Ponytail


80s Side Pony Tail

Side ponytail is one of the simplest 80s hairstyles that anyone with medium to long hair can pull off is the. The higher the ponytail and the bigger the scrunchie, the better this hairdo looks. Simply gather your hair towards a side as if you were preparing a normal ponytail and then brush it.
Use a big, colorful scrunchie to hold it in place. If you have bangs, then you can add more of the 80s drama and fun to this look, try teasing the bangs to the fullest for an added punch of 80s playfulness.

Big Bangs


80s Bangs

80s is all about bangs. The bigger your bangs are, the better they look. Tease your bangs to the max, either straight up or into a feathered style, and then spray with as much maximum hold hair spray as you can stand comfortable with. Ensure to give your hair a good washing at the end of the day to keep it from getting stiff and brittle and to wash away the hairspray smell.

Big Perms


80s Permed Hair

Big Perm is something that instantly takes us back to the 80s. You can get permed hair at any salon and then use special volume enhancing products to give your hair a fuller look like that of 80s. A perm looks even better and even more like 80s if you already have natural curls. Just make sure that you do not perm too often as this can dry out and damage your hair very severely. Keep those gorgeous curls moisturized.

If you’re not ready to commit to a perm, you can get temporary curls by using small rollers overnight or using a curling iron.

Crimped Hair


80s Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is another popular style that takes us straight to the 80s. This look is incredibly easy to achieve. If you have time and are ready to put in some extra efforts, you can get crimps just by braiding all of your hair into tiny braids and sleeping with them overnight. The next morning when you take the braids out, you will have an instant head full of crimps and you can simply spray and go.

If you are short of time and don’t want to sleep on a head full of braids, you can try getting the look with any curling iron or flat iron set to maximum heat. You can simply make crimps by closing the iron on your hair and then in a wave-like motion moving down the section of hair to create crimps throughout.  You can also get crimping iron for quicker and more polished looking crimps.

Were not these 80s hairstyles easy to achieve? So next time when think of sporting the 80s look try out these simple to achieve hairstyle to add that punk to your look.

Which hairstyle did you like the most?

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