How to Dress Like Kendall Jenner


Hey Beauties,

Kendall Jenner, I am sure needs no introduction. She along with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner is known to keep fashion trends up her sleeve as per her choice. There is no denying the fact that she is one of the hottest girls you would see today. While she carries more of a cool attitude compared to her sisters, she also has her own style that makes her carry that oomph well.

She carries her attitude up her sleeve and whatsoever she wears is very much made for her from its appearance. If you check out the following dresses, you would exactly know what I mean.

The confidence with which she is carrying this off shoulder top and the bottoms, speak for themselves. The accessorizing that she has done is definitely different from the contemporary. Her knot on the neck and the red lips exuberate confidence to the core to carry them.

kendal jenner crop top and red lips

In this next picture, now you can see her confident walk in her leather pants and the tank top. The entire black avatar with shoes is not making her look conscious but rather she is confident of her look.

kendal jenner black dress

Ankle boots seem to be her favorite as you can see here in the picture where she has worn them with denim skirt. The color, shine and the look on her face is all complimenting each other without doubt.

kendal jenner denim shorts with black crop top

Effortless Styling

The simple crop top is making her look so elegant in this one keeping her almost tom-boyish avatar alive. She keeps her feet covered is what has my focus on. Seems like she is giving us some new feet care goals for sure.

kendall jenner white crop top and blue jeggins

This girl sure knows how to seek attention from the onlookers just right. Observe her wearing a jacket for winters with denim shorts making it a good show. Again the shoes, do observe, are covered anklets.

kendall jenner shorts with jecket

You might want to check out the look she has portrayed here. A stylish jacket with her denims and a white t-shirt underneath the coat looks simply awesome. The look sure is enhanced because of her red lipstick. Do not miss her jacket, a nice color which can set many of the outfits right.

kendal jenner blue denims with boots

Her high waist denims would sure give you a new style to follow specially with her perfect suave figure. The crop top is definitely a style that suits her perfectly. Her hats looks great on her and so do her shoes. I love this look.

I am sure you are noticing her makeup overall. It is more of nude with little hints of bolder lip colors in places. But overall she seems to be a nude makeup lover. Her hair and makeup are all simpleton keeping her look royal yet sweet. Her walk is confident and make her appear way stylish than others of her cadre. Everything she wears is like something made only for her, isn’t it? I am sure you would agree that her persona and style is magnetic. I am fond of her styles and so this post was just to share my likes with you about Kendall Jenner.

Hope you liked the styles I shared.



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