How To Dress Warm In The Snow


Most of my winter outfits have been jeans and pants based since it is just too cold for dresses, even if I wear tights. But when I went out to watch the new Die Hard movie yesterday, I was determined to wear a dress despite the -4°C temperature and incessant snowfall. Here’s the look I came up with 🙂


snowy day OOTD+clothing women


Outfit breakdown:-


  • Dress – Van heusen, Delhi

  • Jacket – Camaieu, Lyon

  • Tights – Caldezonia, Lyon

  • Flats – Moa, Lyon

  • Earrings and bracelets – India


 snowy day outfit+women of fashion


You can’t see it, but I’m wearing lots of layers in the above photos. I’m wearing a thermal camisole under the dress, tucked into two pairs of tights (yes, TWO!) and the jacket itself is made of a thick, heavy denim. Plus on top of this, I added my winter essentials – waterproof and snowproof puffer coat, warm hat, fluffy scarf and leather gloves.

So I guess the key to wearing a dress when it is freezing is layering! I’m glad I discovered this just when the weather is going from bad to worse, so that I can go out without being afraid of becoming a human icicle. The movie was pretty great, by the way. I’m not usually a fan of very action packed flicks, but somehow the Die Hard movies are funny and relatable even with all the fighting and ass kicking involved.

Have you seen any of the Die Hard movies? What did you think of them? And do you wear dresses and skirts in winter? Do let me know in the comments! 🙂

 Do you have any tips to share to stay warm in the snow ?


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  1. I love your dress. Layering is key to dressing warm in winter. I’ve recently been wearing skirts to work meetings and have been wearing tights with them.


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