How To Dry Your Nail Polish Faster?


How To Dry Your Nail Polish Faster?

Hello beautiful ladies!

We at Wiseshe are flooding with nail novelties these days; so how could the most reader’s-sought-after query post go unnoticed from our eyes? However exciting the whole care-for-your-nails and paint them your favorite color may look like- the boring task of waiting while your nails dry is never looked forward to!

I mean who would like to sit idle and wait unless you are a full time mom, who gets the chance to sit idle only when your nails are wet then this post isn’t for you! 😛

Others; go on and read the ways in which you can save time which earlier you couldn’t kill while waiting for your nails to dry!

Blow Dry Your nails!

Philips Hair Dryer 8115

The easiest and the perhaps most easy thing to speed up your nail drying process is by turning on your blow dryer and gushing the air on to your sparkly clean and freshly painted finger nails! But there is a catch here do not use the blow dryer on hot or warm settings, instead set your blow dryer to cool temperature and let the air blow

Sneak your hands in the freezer!

Perhaps the most painful, but the quickest way to dry up your nail polish without having to wait for what seems like ages to stick your fingers in the freezer for a couple of minutes! What this does is that the cool air which blows inside the freezer premises solidify the polish and harden it till the very roots! Agreed that this method is not the least painful to say so, but think about all the time you save! And, all good things demand sacrifices! 😛

bourjois rose cupcake nail enamel

Give your nails a cold bath!

cold bath

Maybe the most repeatedly spoken-of trick in the book f nail hacks is to immerse your nails in a bowl of ice cold water (literally) to haste up the drying process. But like all tips and tricks, this tip too has a catch. Firstly, prepare your ice-cold bath before you start applying the nail polish as rushing here and there for the bowl and ice tray while your nail polish is still wet can damage your polish application!

Fill in a mixing bowl with a few ice cubes straight out of the freezer and then run some cold water on top of it. Now apply your favorite polish, let it stabilize for about 2 minutes and then gently immerse the nails into the ice-cold water. But do not wait till your fingers get numb, get them out when it starts feeling uncomfortable!

OPI Dry Drip Nail Drops!

OPI Dry Drip Nail Drops

OPI is the epitome of nail industry when it comes to innovative products. Also OPI knows what a common woman has to go through and so they created the oh-so-famous OPI Dry Drip Nail Drops! After you have applied your polish, wait a minute before dropping one small drop of the product onto each nail individually! Now do not think these drops to work almost instantaneously! Because, honestly, they don’t! But when combined with one more nail drying hacks like the blow drying one, it further fastens up the whole process!

Use insta-dry top coats!

Insta-dry top coat

Many companies these days are coming up with their own line of fast-drying or insta-dry nail polish top coats. Be it Essie, china glaze, Sally Hansen, and now even Rimmel has some similar top coats. Apply any color of you choice in thin, even layers and top it off with a fast drying top coat to almost instantly wind up your manicure without having to waste any more time!

Which of these Nail Drying tricks did you like the most?

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