How To Dye Hair Black With Henna And Indigo


How To Dye Hair Black With Henna And Indigo

Indigo dye can be used to turn hair dark. You might be wondering that how I blue dye can turn hair black but it is possible with a combination of henna and indigo. If you use only indigo for hair then your hair will turn blue 😛

Indigo is obtained naturally from the leaves of Indigo plant. The powder of leaves gives blue color just like henna powder gives red color. Indigo is used to dye clothes like jeans but these days it is mostly synthetic color. If you are using indigo on hair, make sure that you take natural indigo powder.

how to apply henna on grey hair

There are two main methods To Dye Hair Black With Henna And Indigo-

One Step Process

This method is better suited for grey hair that easily takes up color.

For dark color, you will need 1 part henna and two parts indigo. First of all make henna mixture. Mix henna powder with some lemon juice or vinegar and make a paste with water. Cover the bowl and leave overnight.

Indigo paste is made just before using it. Take indigo powder in a bowl and make a smooth paste with water. Now mix this paste with the henna paste and combine properly.

Apply this paste immediately to freshly washed hair. You can find the steps of henna application here. Cover head with a shower cap and wait for 2-3 hours. Rinse off with water. Shampoo your hair only after 48 hours to let the color develop.

Lush Caca brun before and after picture

Two Step Process

This method is used if your hair is resistant to dyes.

Follow the process of making henna paste and application given here.

Once you have rinsed henna off your hair, mix indigo with warm water to make a thick and smooth paste. You can add 1 tsp salt per 100 g of indigo powder for darker color. Leave the paste for 15 minutes.

Wear gloves to prevent the staining of hands. Apply this indigo paste to freshly hennaed hair. You can use it on both dry or damp hair. Cover your head with a plastic wrap and let the dye stay on for 1-2 hours. Rinse off with water. You can use conditioner but do not shampoo.

Shampoo your hair after 24-48 hours. The color will take this much of time to show up.

Now you know that you can get dark hair without using any chemicals on your hair. You can use any of these methods once a month. I hope you try Indigo dye for black/dark brown hair and like the effect.

Did you like these methods of dyeing hair black with henna and indigo?

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  1. you hair looks gorgeous. how often can we use this? and where do I get natural indigo powder? is it easily available in all shops?

  2. I have heard that this works wonders and is also great for your hair. I would love to see the results! I know Lush sells henna hair dye for black, red, and brown hair. Of course it can only darken or tint your hair, but it’s better than using harsh dyes and bleaches. I’ll have to try it out!

  3. Mere hair gray hai.first time Maine heena or indigo powder lagaya khas color nhi aya balon mein kya 3 days me gape mein dubara use kr sakti hoon kya please reply soon

  4. When indigo mixed with henna what color it will give. I want a dark black color. Can’not go for 2 step process as it is very cold,I’m afraid to fall sick. Please suggest.


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