How To Dye Your Hair Lilac


How To Dye Your Hair Lilac

The cool trend of pastel shades is taking over. The gorgeous pastel shades are not just limited to nail paints or attires but now the trend has moved to a new level where pastel hair is the new thing to do.

The traditional brown/ black hair, the Barbie blonde hair or the experimental red heads are an old story; the new trend is to have pastel hair. Out of all the pastel hair, Lilac is that one shade that seems to rule the trending pastels. While this trend may look very off beat and you may have a strong urge to try it, but doing it the right way is something that matters.

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Getting Lilac hair is not as easy as it is to dye hair black, rather while doing Lilac hair one needs to be extra cautious and also take good care of hair so as to ensure the color lasts for long. Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to dye your hair lilac.

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Step 1

To dye your hair Lilac, it is crucial to bleach your hair especially in case you do not have platinum blonde or gray hair. If you are bleaching your hair for the first time, then I suggest getting bleaching done at a salon and then you can dye your hair at home.

However, if you desire then you can get a hair bleaching kit. The kit contains dye and peroxide. You should opt for white bleach which is normal and has no added tones. The other bleaches available are blue and purple that add cool tones to help combat brassy hints. Blue is more ideal for canceling out orange hair, and purple is best for yellow.


Step 2

This steps needs to be followed in case you are bleaching hair at home, else skip to step 6. Ensure that you did not shampoo hair recently. Bleach may irritate your skin and just in case if you have fresh cleansed scalp, the chance of irritation increase. So, it is best advised to not to wash hair for few days before bleaching hair, as the natural oils may help in reducing the irritation.

Step 3

Depending upon your hair shade you need to choose an appropriate bleach. Your hair stylist can help you in choosing the right bleach for your hair.

Lilac Hair

Step 4

Be specific with the instructions mentioned on the bleach’s box. Follow the exact instructions. Ensure doing a strand test before you bleach your hair.

Step 5

Wear gloves, wrap an old towel to avoid drippings on clothes. Mix the bleach and apply it to hair in sections. Do not over bleach your hair as it will severely damage your hair.

Step 6

When you are done with bleaching your hair, allow your hair to dry. If your hair can stand then blow dry your hair to speed to speed up the process.

Step 7

Pour white conditioner into a bowl and mix in your lilac dye. It is crucial for the conditioner to be white in color as it will act as a base for your hair dye. Add enough dye so that the mixture in the bowl becomes two shades darker than what shade you would want on your hair, as after washing shade is bound to become lighter.


Step 8

Now dye your hair, from root to tip. If you have a friend around then you can seek his/her help for easy dyeing.

Step 9

Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for the time period as mentioned on the dye pack. The shower cap ensures that the dye does not dry out and thereby prevents patchy results. The darker shade you may desire, the longer is the period for the dye to stay on your hair.

Step 10

Check one strand of your hair to see how the shade has come, if it is light in shade then allow the dye on hair for more time.

Step 11

Wash your hair with cool water. Do not use any shampoo or conditioner. You will see some dye to drain but that is normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Step 12

Allow hair to dry to check for and uneven patches. Wet hair always looks deep in shade. If you find any light dye patch in your hair, then re-dye that section and repeat the process.

These were the easy steps to dye your lilac. Similarly you can dye your hair in other pastel shades. To upkeep your dye you can dye your hair every week with the simple dye and conditioner mixture. Avoid any hair treatments when you dye your hair, especially the protein treatments.

Pastel hair in ombre effect also looks great.

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