How To: Easily De-pot your Eyeshadows/Blush without fire or candles


Hi All,

Today I will be explaining how to depot your eyeshadows easily without any risks. The usual videos we watch on youtube involve a Candle or a lighter or other articles which either are a bit dangerous or involve a lot of effort., For eg using a candle or a burner requires us to hold the pan above the fire for 5 or more minutes  which isn’t too convenient. So here I will be showing you a super easy method involving stuff we have lying around our homes, kitchens or vanities.


What you will need:

  • a hair straightener
  • eyedhadow to be depotted (Duh!)
  • a sheet of paper/ newspaper
  • a piece of  aluminium foil
  • a toothpick/ needle/ pair of tweezers/ knife
  • Earbud(optional)
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional)
  • Magnet

depotting eyeshadow

How to Depot the Eyeshadows/ Blush:

STEP 1: Cut a strip/ square of aluminium foil. The foil should be a bit larger than the pan size

STEP 2: The eyeshadow/ blush pan is usually placed in a pot which is then fixed to the primary packaging with the lid. As below, you can see the line where this is fixed. Take a knife or a pair of tweezers and slide the tip under the edge and twist. The eyeshadow pot will pop out. Ensure that you’re holding this properly so that the eyeshadow/blush doesn’t pop out and to depot eyeshadows

STEP 3: Place your hair straigthener on a flat surface. Now place the cut foil on the straightening plate (can me metallic or ceramic) and place eshadow/blush pan with its cradle on top.

STEP 4: Switch on the hair straightener, crank up the heat and leave it like this for about 5mins.depotting eyeshadows without candles

STEP 5: After 5mins, switch off the hair straightener and slide off the foil with the eyeshadow pan. Don’t worry, the foil will not burn you, but be careful while sliding it out to avoid contact with the heated plates.

STEP 6: Now turn the eyeshadow/ blush pan over on the sheet of paper/ newspaper and you’ll see that the bottom pan is quite soft and kinda melted. Be careful while handling the pan since the plastic will be very hot.

STEP 7: Now with your tweezers or a toothpick, press over the center of the base. You will see how the pan slides up a bit. You can either press some more so that the pan pops out or you can then take a knife or your tweezers and slide it between the pan and the plastic to pop it out.depotting eyeshadows easilydepotting eyeshadows easily (2)

Note: More often than not, while heating, the plastic melts and in the bargain, the eyeshadow pan automatically rises up. In this case you can do away with the pressing of the center and directly slide in your knife and pop out the pan completely.simple depotting of eyeshadow

STEP 8: You can now see that there is a goop of glue on the base of the pan. Use a earbud and alcohol to wipe it off. And then just stick on a magnet with some glue and pop it in your palette.depotting mac eyeshadows easily

STEP 9: Or if you’re lazy like me and hate the long process of cleaning up the glue, there is another step which actually makes more sense and ends up being more convenient.


You must have noticed that the base of your initial packaging has the sticker bearing the brand name, shade name and finish. Now I don’t know about you, but I have a pathetic memory and can never remember the names of the shades. So I like it when I hav the name on the base of the pan like the refills do. Hence, I just heat the base of pan a tiny bit…you can use your hair straightner or a lighter if you find it more convenient. This makes the sticker peel off a bit. So just take your tweezers and peel it off completely and stick it to the base of the eyeshadow/blush pan. Since it already has the glue on its base, it sticks easily and no more yucky glue marks! And plus! You don’t have to try and remember the shade names anymore!!depotting mac eyeshadows

STEP 10: And finally, just stick a magnet on the base as convenient and pop it into the empty palette. And you’re done!


I have done this to about 3-4 of my eyeshadows and find it more comvenient now since I don’t have to carry so much while travelling. I hope this has been a helpful  How To post for you. Do let me know if you have any doubts or even if you know of a better way to depot 🙂


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  1. Wow zee….very detailed and precisely explained :yes: Ur pictures leave no room for confusion or doubts. Awesome post :-)) :hug-makeup:

  2. wowwwwww dis such an awesome post zeeeeeeeee…luved d way u have explained each n every step… :hug-makeup: :yippee: :yippee:

    • Tank ooooh!!

      Na na…I’m a huge klutz…dats y especially posted’s super easy n really quite hard t mess up…when there’s ire involved that’s when u run a higher risk..

    • unfortunately e dnt hav too many empty palettes in india….just inglot and mac…but u can make ur own with a magnetic sheet 🙂 have u checked out A’s post on that?

  3. first of all i need to make a magnetic palette…when i got to delhi, i will buy those magnetic sheets for sure :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy: :shy:


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