How To Effortlessly Lighten Your Skin with Meladerm


Skin lightening is an incredibly popular skin care practice that seems to be dominating the markets lately. While it’s relatively new to me, this practice has been popular for centuries in other cultures.

Skin lightening is the process of diminishing dark spots and evening out your skin tone. There seems to be something about a flawlessly, fair face that people want.

People have used home remedies and DIY’s to lighten their skin, but with the influx of products on the market, perhaps it’s time we took a look at one of the big sellers.





 The 411 on Meladerm


Meladerm is a skin lightening product from the creators of Civant Skin Care. It is a powerful cream that helps lighten dark spots, scars and discoloration in as little as two weeks time.

After four years of research and testing, Civant Skin Care released Meladerm. It is made from a  combination of 17 paraben-free, age reducing, spot lightening ingredients. Let’s focus on the top 3 key ingredients though; Alpha Arbutin, Tego Cosmo C and Gigawhite.

Alpha Arbutin works on all skin types and is a water soluble ingredient. It inhibits skin discoloration and basically promotes more efficient skin lightening. It’s costly to manufacture, so thankfully a little goes a long way.




Tego Cosmo C, though quite a mouthful to say, is simple to explain. It is an amino acid that evens out your skin tone. It does this by balancing out your skins pH for healthier looking skin.


Most of the top selling whitening products contain hydroquinone. It is an effective skin lightener, but it’s safety is very questionable. Though it fades your skin tone, it also puts you at a greater risk of getting hyperpigmentation. Pointless, right? Well, Meladerm ditched the hydroquinone and instead uses Gigawhite.

Gigawhite is derived from plants and works effectively to diminish discoloration and dark spots in both size and shape, without the nasty side effects.


How Do You Use Meladerm?

Using Meladerm is incredibly simple. Pump some cream into your hand both morning and night and apply to your face and neck. Let it work its magic for 10 minutes and then feel free to apply your makeup and sunblock.

It’s very important that you apply a daily SPF when using Meladerm. Because it’s a lightener, your skin will be more sensitive to harmful UV rays. Avoid this by wearing hats and of course, using an SPF. It goes without saying that tanning beds are off limits when using this product. Besides, what’s the point in investing in a skin lightening product if you’re just gonna tan!


Does It Really Work?

Let’s be honest; people have outrageous expectations for products sometimes. If you are buying Meladerm and hoping it will whiten your skin completely, then you may be a tad disappointed, my friend.

Meladerm is a seriously effective lightener. Meaning, it will reduce the size and shape of your dark spots, but will not turn super-dark skin into a milky, white complexion.

Another misconception with products is how quickly they work. If you want to see legitimate results then you must keep up with your daily applications. Invest a little time and care into your skin and reap the rewards.

Like I said, if you keep up your twice daily rub-ins then you should start to see results in as little as 2 weeks. You just have to stay committed and stick to a consistent skin care routine to see the best results.

But you were already going to do that, weren’t you?



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    • Its more for hyper pigmentation problem Rachna.Author has mentioned that it won’t make your super fair or something similar.Imagine having a super white face and dark body….how will it look 😛


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