How To Fill Brows Step By Step


I never forget to fill in my brows. I might forget curling my lashes but not the brows. Moreover I like them looking natural and not those two straight lines with eyeshadow underneath. My eyebrows need a bit of definition and filling-in between and just blending the harsh lines and this is how I do it.

How to fill brows step by step

how to fill brow

  • Step1 -Trim out all the excess hair from the brows

  • Step 2– Choose a pencil shade one or two shades darker than your brows and softly line  along the underside of the brows.I don’t like to draw along the upper edge but if you want to give more shape to upper edge of your brows then go ahead and line the upper side of the brow as well. Lining shouldn’t be too dark otherwise you will have hard time blending it out.

  • Step3 – Now fill in the eyebrow with a brown eyeshadow to fill out all the gaps and give even look to the eye brow. I generally  fill very lightly in the inner corner of the brows as it doesn’t look natural on me.

  • Step4 – Now with a brow brush and feathery strokes, brush out the harsh lines.

  • Step5 – Apply concealer below and above brows which will give clean look to the brows and add lot of definition to it.

  • Step 6 – And we are done.You can fix it up with MAC brow gel if you want to  so that brow remains in shape for long time.

If you like little darker eye brows than above then you just have to fill in more brown eyeshadow but the method will be same .

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  1. loved this small tut.. I always forget to fill-in the brows.. 🙁
    but I have naturally full brows thats y i keep forgetting to fill them up 😛
    wud try to remember now 😉

  2. I am yet to find my perfect brow color since i have extremely thick dark black eyeshadow looks too weird and artificial..must check out espresso now

  3. I face the same prob as Pari. Ive watched tons of video tutes but i look sooo odd when i fill my brows. :struggle: But i honestly love the way u fill urs ana. It looks so natural yet well defined :yes: Very nice tute 🙂

    • I know people like to add more depth but i prefer natural and fuller eye brows instead.Thanks for liking the tute NAF 🙂

    • Naf never use black on ur brows… It looks very fake n made up….best is brown…start with a lighter brown n then see the difference 🙂

  4. Ever since ur reviews on d tbs wala brow kit, I’ve been fillin in my brows makes a big diff..somehow makes my face look whole..hehe..

  5. I never forget to fill my brows, I used to use oriflame eye shadow but now using Jordana brow kit, its of good quality.

  6. Gosh.. i just fill in one cut in eyebrows that i have with a black pencil whenever i go to a party. Never really filled my eyebrows as such

  7. Thanks a lot for this. I was waiting for this/ TBS store near my place never seems to hve the Brow kit in stock. MAC is not available. Shahnaz Husain has a brow enhancer. has anyone used it. I was so tempted to get it.


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