How To Find A Foundation That Matches Skin Tone


How to choose a foundation..the easy way

how to find a foundation that matches skin tone

The Very first step once you have decided to go for a foundation is, to understand your skin undertone. The most easiest way to know this is to look at the color of your veins on the underside of your wrist.

foundation matrix+how to find a foundation

This is one another method to find your undertone..that is …if you think gold colored jewels suit you better you would be warm ..and if it is silver colored suits  you better ,then you would be cool.and if you feel you are able to carry on both colors well then you would be neutral.

Most Asians/Indians are considered warm toned.. but there are always exceptions.So look carefully before you buy.

For those of you who are not aware of MAC shades..

NC-yellow undertone

NW-pink undertone

C-neutral undertone

Here is why I gave you the above details. This is purely on my experience. I am not a makeup  artist.

right foundation shades -how to+Finding The Perfect Foundation

foundation choosing+Foundation Matrix - Foundation Color Match, Foundation Makeup

Now That you are aware why your previously purchased foundations don’t work for you..let us have a look at some do’s and don’ts while buying a foundation.

Q  What is the first thing that you will need to buy a foundation?

A.  MONEY! Yes girls better be prepared. Good foundations don’t come cheap.!

We will move on …

1.Look for the right formula for your skin. Look for words like oil free.oil control or mattifying for oily skin and Luminizing, hydrating, moisture rich for dry skin. Combination skinned girls can enjoy the best of both worlds.Girls with sensitive skin can look for non comedogenic or non clogging.And for our ladies who are young at heart and slightly older in other places..please look for words like lifting, firming, age defying etc

2.The first rule is..Don’t buy foundations online unless you have used the brand and the shade earlier. The shades shown in the monitor are not the shades you will be receiving.

3. Don’t test foundations on your wrist. your wrist is different from face ..Either have it tested on your neck or face.

4.  Test it on one side of the face so you can compare…Please Carry your personal mirror and check out the shade in Natural sunlight and not in the store as several stores have either too bright lights or too dull. Remember.. the right shade will look exactly same as the other side of the face(where you have no make up ) ….just hiding the flaws. If you find a shade like this ..then dance like Govinda!..yes..It is the shade for you.

5. Lighter shades of a foundation DOES NOT MAKE YOU LO0K FAIRER…In turn it leaves a grayish mask on your face

6. Girls with dry skin can look for dewy/semi matte finish foundations. If your foundation is matte you can mix a luminizer to add that extra glow ..but adding too much can make you look like a disco ball. Those with oily skin could look for cream to powder or mate finish foundations and finish with a finishing powder /compact. Girls with combination skin are lucky.

7. Go for full coverage foundations only if your skin requires it..that is if you have lot to hide..otherwise you may end up looking like RA-ONE.You could opt for sheer or medium coverage..or even a tintend moisturizer if you have a good skin.

8.MAC does provide samples.So please get them .they are free of cost.Try them to find how your skin reacts and then buy the stuff if required

9. If you feel that any foundation shade suits you perfectly..then it is advisable to carry it with you when you plan to buy a new brand. This is just for a primary help. You will have to pick the shades that are close to your existing shade and will have to try them before foundations appear different in package and on skin

10.If you have a sensitive skin ..then please do a skin test on your jaw line under your ears  for at least 2 days.If you seem to experience any reaction ..then keep away from the product..

11. Always remember..if a foundation looks beautiful on your friend/mom/neighbor/sis or any body surely doesn’t mean it will look good on you too..pls try it at counter before you buy.

12. If you are buying foundations at a shopping have an advantage…choose your brand /shade and get it applied on your face ..look at the mirror..if you are happy ..tell the rep that you will come back after you have finished your doing this you could easily find out if the foundation is oxidizing on you face..also find out how long it stays (I know when we shop, 5hrs seem to be like 5 min).Please don’t be shy to do this..this could save you a lot of money !Never mind what people might think.. We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the is your hard earned money spend it wisely.

13.Most foundations don’t come with a good SPF..hence it is always advisable to wear a good sun protector underneath during the day time.If you feel the sunscreens make you look white please try some matte finish /sheer finish sun screens. You can find them in Lotus and Neutrogena.

14.Never buy a foundation when your are a due for your our skin darkens a shade or two during this time. The best time is Once you are over with it or the time you are ovulating.(i.e 14-18 days from the first day of the period)

15. To make a foundation last longer always apply a primer.

16. You could use a flat brush/sponge/stippling brush/or even your fingers to apply the foundation.


17.Even after all end up buying a wrong shade, then don’t forget to list it on wiseshe sale!And for all those buying it only if u have used the shade earlier and you know it works for you.

I too have purchased wrong shades of foundations earlier…and I believe If you have never made mistakes ..then you have never tried any thing new! …

hope atleast a few points were of your help. Personally my fav are MAC studio fix liquid,MAC mineralize satin finish,Revlon Color stay and Photoready.Have a good day!

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  1. Awsome post Jewel! Very helpful!
    Especially the shopping mall tip- its a great way to test the foundation

    I’m a bit confused abt my skin undertone though. Long back a grooming workshop lady told me its peach, but my veins are green and according to the table here its cool and pink… Quite opposit 😮 :hypnotized: any ideas???

  2. First of all a BIG thank you and BIG hug for you!!
    Second, I am going to link this post on my blog because this is perfect and comprehensible without too many makeup jargons I am illiterate for.
    Third, if there was an award or something like in real… that would go to you without thinking too much!! Awesome awesome post!!


  3. Actually the vein thingy is very confusing..some websites carry the exact opposite information..I would suggest you to go by next method..the gold silver one..

  4. Hey I am so sorry…I think I got that concept wrong..It would be ..If green veins then it means yellow undertone..and blue veins should be pink I guess..There are websites which carry the info the otherway round too..little confusing though!sorry…

  5. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    Such a detailed post Jewel…. Kudos. I didn’t know that we should not buy foundation during periods. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  6. wow very informative article 😀 I am definitely going to remember all your points infact it is such a right time a foundation is due on me to buy … i’d make the SA do a full face now and go shopping 😛 fab tips 🙂

  7. “Never buy a foundation when your are a due for your our skin darkens a shade or two during this time.” 😮 😮

    Who knew!

  8. whoa… tree structures!!! these remind me of file structures and heirarchy.. hehehehehe.. awesome article… and really really REALLY helpful!! 🙂 no wonder i keep coming back to wiseshe! 😀

  9. sorry about that info..on vein colors..that has been corrected after talking to a makeup artist…it is now corrected ..pls have a look and i hope it will help u solve ur doubts

  10. excellent article. The first thing i did was to look at my seemed blue so I thot me definitely a cool but then i remembered that the MAC SA had recommended an NC 40 which meant i was a warm toned (I did buy it and it looks quite nice also) so i am maha confused. infact becos of the NC recommendation I concluded my veins were green :jittery: so confusing na!!!! :wallbash:

    btw, i think becos anamika is here in Hyd, i am all for a Hyd meet up FIRST!!! yayyyyyyyy

  11. Ana,
    I use Maxfactor Seamless makep foundation, Elite and Rimmel Match Perfction. Non of them are available in India :-(( .. It was purchased by friends and relatives abroad, so they are not a perfect match, bt okayish types. Among three i felt Maxfactor is better… :heh:
    Nw i have to buy a good foundation for my skin tone from India… O:-)

  12. What a post dear you cleared all my doubts abt foundation so smple so neat yet very informative appreciate your patience ……. thanks for this post…..


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