How To Find The Perfect Face Mask For Different Types Of Skin


How To Find The Perfect Face Mask For Different Types Of Skin

Mankind has been using facial masks as skin care products since ancient times. Face packs are pretty common in our skin care regimes. People have been using facial masks as skin care products since ages. A face mask isn’t just for adults. Kids and teenagers needs to enjoy some rest and relaxation as well. Remember how our mother used to run after us with bowl of some ubtan. We used to run for life then, shouted at Maa for applying those on our face and body. But it’s now that we could understand and could see the results. I have a pretty healthy skin and never had any pimple, acne problem. (Touch wood)

Specific skins require specifically formulated products which are curated keeping in mind the demands of the skin. We all have different skin types and thus we all need different types of face masks to pamper ourselves. So no single face mask can cater to all the needs.

So today I’ll discuss on how to find the perfect face mask for different types of skins…

If you have dry skin:

Dry skin is a very common problem faced by us, and the chilly winters make it even worse. We spend so much on products from the markets in the hope to soothe and treat dry skin, but nothing seems to work perfectly. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, then you would need a mask that would moisturise your skin and provide you with adequate hydration. Drench your skin with a rich cream based face mask. Go for curd, milk cream, oil, honey, banana infused face masks.

Here are some facial mask recipes for dry skin…

Face masks for Dry Skin

aloe vera hair care

If you have oily and/or acne-prone skin:

Oily skin is quite troublesome when it comes to taking proper care of it and dealing with it on everyday basis. A purifying fuller’s earth, sandal wood or any other clay mask can be used as a spot treatment or as all over mask to deep-clean pores and draw out excess oil. Tea tree oil, neem oil and clove oil infused face masks will also help you to get rid of those pesky pimples. You can add turmeric in your face masks too. It has anti bacterial properties that fight against pimple causing bacteria.

Here are some facial mask recipes for oily skin…

face pack

If you have normal skin:

Normal skin, which means your skin is “neither too oily nor too dry and is naturally moisturized with minimal to no signs of dryness, has a smooth surface and no blemishes, blackheads, or visible pores, and has an even skin tone with no wrinkles or visible sun damage.” Seems like a dream, isn’t? If you have normal skin, then my lady, you are truly blessed. But that doesn’t mean you will not take care of your skin. All you need is an all-in-one mask that will tone, clarify and hydrates your skin to keep your complexion even and flawless.

Here are some facial mask recipes for normal skin…

Face packs for Normal Skin


If you have combination skin:

I am sure many of you must have a combination skin with some areas feeling dry and others oilier. For this type of skin, I would suggest multi masking. Multi-masking is as simple as it sounds. It is basically mixing and matching different facial masks to create a single mask that targets and treats each of the skin problems. So apply a moisturizing mask were you are feeling dry and a purifying were you are feeling oily. Simple..!!

Here are some facial mask recipes for combination skin…

Face masks for Combination skin


If you have sensitive skin:

Pollution, stress and many harmful cosmetic ingredients make out skin more sensitive than normal. Our genes also contribute in having sensitive skin. You have sensitive skin if it is prone to allergic reactions whenever it gets in contact with foreign materials. Seasonal changes, unpleasant weather condition or even heavy wind results in allergic reactions. Having a sensitive skin always keeps you on your toes. You are always extra careful while choosing your cosmetics or skincare products. Try a formula with soothing properties like Aloe Vera, Cucumber and sea aster to ease inflammation and redness.

Here are some facial mask recipes for sensitive skin-

Face masks for sensitive skin

If your skin is aging:

Our skin experience many changes through decades. Fine lines near the corner of mouth and eyes which start appearing in thirties and some time in even twenty too. In our late thirties we experience problems like crow feet, frown and forehead lines. The upper lip starts shrinking which is quiet visible in our fifties and finally in sixties we have our jowls age spots and broken blood vessel. But it’s never too late to fight those wrinkles. Try antioxidant enriched masks that would help smooth skin, prevent lines and maintain your skin’s elasticity.

Here are some facial mask recipes for aging skin…

Face pack for Ageing skin


Face masks are very relaxing. You skin and body needs a time out, so apply face packs, put on some nice music and have some fun time pampering yourself.

Have you tried these face masks for different skin types?

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