How To Find The Right Concealer As Per The Skin Tone



By Tasneem

How To Find The Right Concealer As Per The Skin Tone

Concealers are the most confusing product among the other makeup items. I mean for once you can sort out your foundation also, but concealers?? No not possible. Been there, done that. 🙁

Everybody faces a time in life where concealer comes in like a blessing. Sleepless nights over a break-up or night-outs before exams or work-stress or personal problems or something as simple as pollution. We all face these kind of issues sometime or the other. Truly blessed are those who do not have to go through these pains. All these kind of issues show the outcome on our skin. Some the skin issues we face are Blemishes, under eye bags, Dark Circles, Puffiness, Redness and dark spots.


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Now as is if these problems were not enough we have to go through the pain of choosing the right concealer. The thing is if you think it’s easy if not tough. I have read somewhere that it’s ‘deceptively simple’. 😉

So here are;

Few easy tips to choose the right concealer.

  • Always, always test a concealer before buying. Now you wouldn’t like looking like ghost at an important occasion or on that ‘special date’.
  • If you have any doubt when testing on your hand because your complexion on the hand and face does not match, then do not shy away from using it on your face. Check it in the daylight as not to get any doubt about it.


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  • Always opt for a creamy texture for discoloration, pimples or scars. For dark circles, go for a light weight concealer which gets absorbed in the skin easily, but if you have got heavy dark circles then use a cream texture concealer as they cover up really well.
  • Go for a green based concealer if you want to conceal the red areas such as pimple or if you have got any blood clotting on any area. Also few people have dark circles which are of reddish tones. Which can also be concealed with a green based concealer. A good option would be Maybelline New York Cover Stick Concealer.


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  • For the fair skinned beauties whose skin act up sometimes with purplish dark circles or ruddy texture, can opt for a pink based concealer. It really helps to conceal the dark circles well. Pink based concealer helps in brightening up the dull areas of the face. It gives your whole face a radiant glow. Revlon is one of the brand in which you can find really good pink based concealers.
  • The yellow based concealers works great for the olive skinned beauties or on tanned skins. It easily conceals the purple-blue dark circles and dark patches. It can also be used on the brow bone or the cheek bones to highlight those areas.


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  • Before choosing the right concealer, it’s also very important to choose the right shade of foundation.
  • A lighter shade of concealer should be chosen. Maybe a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Because the same shade as your skin or a darker shade who only darken your skin while the purpose of concealer is to brighten your even and even it up.
  • Start with putting up dots on the area and then blend it with a sponge or your fingers. For me, I would always go for the fingers.


Inglot Cream Concealer handSwatch



  • Cover up the concealer with a light translucent powder, it will help concealer to set in to your complexion. And you are great to go.

Now once you find your right shade of concealer, just remember the shade.

Have you found your perfect concealer?

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  1. Very helpful post Chandni… Thanks so much
    Everywhere that I have read including your post suggests we should choose a concealer a shade or two lighter but on me that looks ashy and infact a shade or two darker than my usual complexion works to cover dark circles
    God knows if am doing it wrong or tht’s the way it works on my skin

    • I think use of a dark concealer is fine if you have immense dark circle but the concealer shade should not be darker than the dark circles. So use the darker concealor first, let it sit and then use a brightener. It should set the tone equal to your natural skin tone

  2. I wonder how shake darker works on you..It might not look ashy but it will not brighten that area infact will make dark circles look darker ..

    Have u tried color corrector probably that might solve your problem.

  3. Even an Inglot SA gave a dark concealer to me but I am yet to explore that. I will try it now as it works for someone.


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