How To Find The Right Bra Size


By Prerana,

Every woman wants a perfect, comfortable and well fitted bra, but no one tries to know â€œwhat is a perfect bra?”, as it is reported that 70% women wear the wrong-size bra.

It is important to wear a perfect bra because it is concerned with your health, comfort and style. It is true that getting a perfect bra is not easy as shape, sizes, forms and cuts differs from brand to brand. Here is a guide line on knowing a right bra for you.

How will you know that the bra you have selected is perfect for you or not –

how to measure bra size

Below are some signs of a wrong bra that will tell you whether you are wearing a perfect bra or not.

1. Raise your hands above your head, your bust should not fall out below the band line of the bra. If it happened, then your bra’s band size is wrong.

2. If your breasts are bulging out over the cups or coming out of the sides of your bra,then it is not a perfect one for you.

3. If the back strap of the bra is going up on your back, it shows the size is too big.

4. If your breasts are not properly and comfortably fitting into the cups, it shows your cupsize is wrong. (u know, the pointed bras which 70’s heroins used to wear, don’t fit us properly)

5. The center part of your bra that sits between the two cups should sit flat on your rib cage. If it’s not, then you are wearing a wrong bra.

6. It is normal that a new bra may cause redness for few days but it should not continue.If it happens avoid that bra. Red marks indicate a bad / too tight fit.

Dangers of an ill fitted bra –

An improper bra causes back, neck, chest and shoulder pain. Experts say that it may even cause breast cancer at the later part of a woman’s life.

How to find a perfect bra –

Take your own measurement.

Ill fitted Bra

Bra measurements pic : google

Measure the band size – measurement around your ribcage, just under your breasts and then measure the cup size – Measure the fullest part of your bust., if the difference in these two measurements is 1, cup size is A, difference 2, cup size-B, difference 3,cup size-C and so on…


Go to a lingerie shop (not to a megastore). In a lingerie shop, you can talk with professionals. They will take your measurement and within sometime can help you out. After your final selection, try the bras in the trial room and find out which one is the right one for you.

Always buy a quality bra because it is all about your health.

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  1. Hi Prerana,
    I am glad you picked this topic because through out my teenage life i dealt with this problem mom hardly had idea about this thing..thankfully now girls are confident and mature enough to take this up..

    i wish i would have read this before.

    • Aab tumse kya chupau! even i too had this problem, but couldn’t ask / tell anything to mom / sisters due to lil shyness…its Indian mentality u know!! but then i goggled and goggled and goggled….and sharing with all of you whatever i found informative..

  2. Thanks Prerana, I still have a problem with this :rotfl: , I always wanted a sister to share this bcoz I was very shy to ask mom questions about this :shy:
    I’ll remember the points you mentioned & hope this time atleast I get correct ones :yes:

  3. Adivaah ,,a little tip from my side..

    It is always better to go to a good brand like Triumph .they keep the best innerwear and one instantly feel the difference. they do cost a bit but the confidence which one gets is amazing.

  4. hi prerana, i think theres something wrong coz as far as i know the sizes are
    : if the difference is 2- size is A
    and for 4- its B and so on….
    please correct me if i am wrong…

  5. oh i realized my mistake 😛 😛 , got confused actually it was abt teh band size… the band size shd be calculated as
    measurement of ur rib cage (i.e just beow bust)+ 4 inches (if the measurement is an even number) and 5 inches (if the measurement is an odd number)
    which makes the numbers 32, 34 etc….

  6. Good one Prerna! :yes: Even my mom couldn’t guide me and I was at a loss during my college days. But then my friends help me out. The right bra gives us a lot of confidence.
    Even jockey has some nice stuff especially for wearing tshirts.

    • yes jockey too decently priced and comfy too…

      and glad yur friends guided you..i amd my friends never talked about these is only the net where i use to get little bit of info 🙂

      • I didn’t have access to internet at home then 🙁 I am so glad that my friends helped me out 🙂 I generally would have shied out this topic but they knew how important it was and helped me out.

    • yeah prerana, i was taking abt band size only but you said in the article that “Measure the band size – measurement around your ribcage, just under your breasts”. this is what i wanted to point out.

  7. haha… lol! no i dont think u need that :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    we can ignore this one …. we are all so kind you see????

  8. Nice article Prerana.
    Amante brand is also quite good though bit expensive. you get in different cup size. Most of the brands restrict the cup size till A / B and less of C size…but in brands triump and amante….they have C, D, D++ also.

  9. Yes, its available in big malls, i picked up one from Zeta Lingeries Shop and they have most of the imported stuffs!!
    Its a srilankan brand….Amante.

  10. Amante is available in Lifestyle stores here…la senza is another great one!!the brand has its separate stores..~!~ very informative article Prerna!

  11. Women all over the world tend to wear the wrong Bra size for sure – including my cousin in the USA. I finally took her to Victoria’s Secret and got her measured!! And Amante is a good brand to test out – it is easily available in lingerie stores and the bigger ones such as Lifestyle etc.!

  12. surprising but true Tanushka ..Yup Victoria’s secret is one of my fav brand and expensive one too 😉
    I can beleieve that some time one is wearing more expensive bra than her clothes but it is totally a worth 😉

  13. surprising but true Tanushka ..Yup Victoria’s secret is one of my fav brand and expensive one too 😉
    I can believe that some time one is wearing more expensive bra than her clothes but it is totally a worth 😉

  14. thanks but i waana know about the proper name or place of the company where i can go to know my right shape and size of the bra


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