How To Find Your Nude Lip Colour (Pigmented Lips And Brown Skin Tone)


How To Find Your Nude Lip Colour (Pigmented Lips And Brown Skin Tone)

Isn’t the title exciting? I’m sure that you have sat up and can’t wait to go through it to find the best nude lipstick for your skin tone.

We all love nude lips and I envy KimK for carrying nudes so beautifully. But the problem with Indian skin is that we don’t get many nude lipstick shades for our brown, dusky skin. Add to it the woes of lip-pigmentation! Nude lipsticks most of the times turn out flat on our complexion and we keep eyeing others looking all glamorous in sexy nude lips.

Now you can get rid of this problem as I have some awesome ideas that will help all you brown girls with pigmented lips find your nude lip colour.

What Kind Of Shades Are The Best

As most Indian girls suffer from pigmented lips (I’m talking about completely dark lips and not just the lips that are dark at corners.), choosing an opaque shade with a hint of pink in it is a good choice. If you pick a nude shade without any hints of pink, there is every chance that it will make you look dead. For brown skin, the lipsticks that match perfectly with your complexion are often not the ones that you can wear. A hint of pink in lip colour makes you look awake and there are many pinkish browns that can be your perfect nudes.

Another problem is of dark lips that refuse to let the true colour of lipstick show. With lightly pigmented lipsticks, the problem gets even nastier. Here are some steps that you should follow whenever you are going to wear a nude lipstick or any other sheer lipstick for that matter-

  • Start with exfoliated and moisturised lips if your lips are on the drier side.
  • Take a fluffy brush and apply concealer on your lips to cancel out any pigmentation.
  • Now take a nude lip pencil and line your lips with it.
  • Apply your favourite nude lipstick and blend it with your lip liner with a lip-brush to avoid any harsh lines.

Some Nude Lip Colours That Suit Brown Indian Skin and Pigmented Lips

These are some lipsticks that our Beauty-Guru Anamika recommends for dark pigmented lips

MAC Fast Play


nude lipsticks for brown girls (6)

This is a lovely pink-brown that looks quite natural on dark lips. When you use it as a stain, it turns out to be a nice nude for brown skin. Apply a clear gloss over it for better results.

MAC Bad Girl Riri Lipstick


nude lipsticks for brown girls (7)

It is warm toned rosy brown shade with soft satin like shine to it, nowhere it looks matte and flat on dark lips and dusky skin.

Benefit Chacha Go-Go Lip/ Cheek Stain & Lip Gloss


best nude lipsticks for brown girls

his lip/cheek stain & lip gloss gives a very natural hint of color on lips just as a natural light orange tint. The lip stain has a great formulation with an amazing pigmentation and it easily hides any lip pigmentation.

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Dallas


nude lipsticks for dark lips

This is a lovely dusty rose that is highly pigmented. The gloss will suit olive complexions beautifully.

Ok! So, after Anamika’s favourites take a look at what I like for getting nude lips as I do not have access to these brands in my city-

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick- Chocolate Temptation


nude lipsticks for pigmented lips

This is a brick-brown shade. It has pink and peach hints to it as well so I find it tough to describe the shade. Whatever it is, it makes a great nude on my brown skin and pigmented lips. Just clicked a quick picture for you girls!

Revlon Color Burst Lipcolor- Hazelnut


nude lipsticks for brown girls (8)

This is a brown with some pink to it. It is not highly pigmented but can be built up without issues. Another quickly clicked pic with my cellphone.

Two more lovely nudes-

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 13


nude lipsticks for brown girls (4)

A peachy brown that will look a perfect nude on brown skins. It is highly pigmented as well.

Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lipstick in Stormy Sahara


best nude lipsticks for pigmented lips

One nude lipstick that I cannot get over is Himani’s peachy nude shade and badly want the range in India.

A shade that works for one brown girl may not work for other dusky beauty. The key is to keep trying as many shades as you can and you will definitely find some shades that suit your lips and skin.

Do share your favourite nude lip colours with us!

Did you find these tips about finding your nude lip colour useful?

Which nude lip color do you use?

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