How To Fix A Broken Nail


How To Fix A Broken Nail

Hello Sweeties!

How are you all doing? If there is one compliment that has been constant on Wiseshe; it is for Anamika’s gorgeous nails! How do you manage to keep them so long, without breaking Ana? We want to know! ๐Ÿ˜›

nyx mini nail polish pistachio enamel

Now, not all of us are as lucky to maintain super long nails which are also strong! At least not me! I spend most of my day as a clumsy female banging her poor fingers on her laptop’s keyboard! And yes, I break and tear my nails almost regularly! But why cut off 9 pretty nails just because one wasn’t in the mood to live with the rest of them? Not cool torn nail!

tips for strong nails

Anyways people have been going burlesque about how a small piece of tea bag can fix a ripped or torn nail! But I do not and cannot afford to spare such long a period of time to fix something that simple especially when I have such an easy-peasy way to do it!

So here I am with an easy as cakewalkย DIY to fix your broken, ripped nails without anyone even noticing the cracks!


The Nail Glue Method

Nail glues have always been seen in acquaintance with fake nails and ways of attaching them to the nail bed! But haven’t you wondered that just like the way a nail glue or even super glue attaches fake nails to your nail bed; it can even attach your real broken nails back to your nail bed? I have always wondered doing things like these but have never had the confidence to apply super glue to my nails as I got my fingers stuck once in childhood!

Trust me, it was not a happy experience! The doctor threatened to cut off my fingers, and I believed him back then! ๐Ÿ˜€

But now, I tell you it works! See how!

You will need a nail glue (or even a clear super glue will do), a nail buffer, a pair of non-pointed tweezers or an orange stick to press the nail bed with, and of course a base coat, your favourite nail polish and a top coat!


1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap, while making sure that the ripped nail does not gets damaged! Dry it off completely!

marks and spencer forget me not hand wash

2. Now taking a tiny drop of the glue, apply it on the area of the nail which has got damaged, and try to sneak some glue under the tip of the broken nail as well! This will help the ripped nail stick on more strongly!

3. Wait till the glue gets completely dry and then use a nail buffer to smoothen out the uneven nail surface! Buff gently but make sure there are no rough patches left!

Revlon Nail Buffer

4. Apply a thin coat of base coat and wait for it to dry completely! If the nail bed still looks uneven, repeat the buffing and base coat application!


TIP- Nails are completely dry if you can touch your nail with your lower lip without the nail polish feeling cold or tacky!

5. Now apply the colour of your choice and try to distinguish your broken nail with the regular ones! I bet you wouldn’t be able to make out any difference!

Miss Claire CR07 Nail paint+Purple crackle nail paint Miss claire

No more hassle and gorgeously painted nails in a jiffy. The entire process takes hardly 10-12 minutes once you get the hang of it!

Purple crackle nail paint Miss calire CR07+purple crackle nail paint purple

Will you try this DIY method to fix your broken nails?

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