How To Fix A Chipped Manicure


How To Fix A Chipped Manicure

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There is nothing like the feeling of freshly manicured nails! However,  no matter how hard you try, your perfect nails find a way to chip off! I am sure most of you would agree with me that this is a horrible feeling. Anyways, there is no need to panic & remove the entire nail paint. Try out the following hacks to give new life to your manicure.

Fresh Top Coat:

This is the first basic step to follow if your nail color is in place, but it has started to lack luster & look dull. Simply apply a fresh top coat. This is one of the easiest & quickest fix for a faded color.


Apply Cuticle Oil:

This is another way to give new life to the nail polish that has gone dull. Cuticle oil gives a healthy & polished look to your nails. The added bonus is of course that it nourishes your nails & makes them stronger.

Salley Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Review+cuticle removal

Glitter Up!

A glitter nail polish is a real saviour when you are having a bad nail day. It hides the chipped portion of the nail polish & adds a glamorous touch to it! You can choose from the innumerable options available today in the market. Apply the glitter on your entire nail & make sure to do a slightly heavier application on the chipped off area. Another option is to apply the glitter only on the tip of the nails which are more prone to chipping.

sally hansen pink glitter

Freshen Up With A Remover:

If you try to paint on the chipped portion of the nail polish, this will create an uneven coat & appear lumpy. Instead, first remove the portion of the nail polish that has chipped off with drop of a nail polish remover. This will flatten the surface & you can easily paint a fresh coat of nail color.

colorbar acetone free nail enamel remover

 Go French!

Use the basic concept of French manicure & play along! Take a contrasting color and apply on the edge of the nail & cover with a top coat. You may also try different colors for a French manicure to make it look pretty. Another alternative is to do a sideways French nail which would hide the side-of-the-nail chips.

french manicure

Create a Bling Finger:

Many a times, it happens that only a single finger nail gets damaged. In such a situation, you do not need to remove the entire manicure. Go ahead & create a bling finger. Simply remove the entire nail color which has chipped off & apply a fresh coat of any metallic nail polish on the single finger. This helps your chipped nail & looks super trendy as well!

plum nail polish

Try On Some Nail Art:

You can also try on a nail-art design on the chipped off portion of the nail. In addition, you can also create polka dots or stripes to add some effect. Alternatively, you can also try a crackle top coat which will hide the flaws & look stylish as well.

Marie Claire Nail Polish High Pearl Shine Review Nail swatch+nail polish

Create Color Effects:

You can also hide the chipped portions of your nails by creating different color effects on your nails. Simply paint a contrasting color on the chipped off portion to jazz it up a bit!

nail art simple design

You can also create a block effect & paint a new shade in the same color family to brighten up your nails!

Did you know about these quick fixes?

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