How To Fix Broken Lipstick Tube In Ten Minutes + Video



How To Fix Broken Lipstick Tube In Ten Minutes

Hello everyone,

In a recent video the Loreal Color Riche Lipsticks I showed you all how my Loreal Color Riche lipsticks are  in melted and broken state.

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Well broken lipsticks are not a very new thing to happen, almost everybody once in a lifetime has to deal with broken lipsticks. Some throw them and some start using a lips brush to use the broken lippies, but how about if these could be fixed?

Well while I was fixing my loreal lippies I thought why not shoot a video of it and share it with you all too, after all sharing is gaining 🙂

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Now let us move on to the real business of the day. Read on.

How To Fix Broken Lipstick Tube In Ten Minutes


There are various methods to fix broken, out off all there are two methods which I find work they best. One is the Blow Drying Method and the other method involves usage of lighter or a candle.

Today I shall discuss the Candle/Lighter Method.

Candle/Lighter Method

Step 1

Light up a candle. Take the broken lipstick and expose the broken end over the flame. Ensure not to go very close or else the lipstick may change its texture and shade. You will need to keep it over flame from far for about 8 to 10 seconds.

Step 2

When the lipstick gets into slight molten state stick your broken bullet to the tube, you need to be careful at this stage.

Step 3

Now after sticking the lipstick, with the help of a tissue wipe the edges to remove any lipstick stains.

Step 4

As the last step, all you need to do is to simply refrigerate the fixed lipstick for about half an hour. I fyou desire you can refrigerate it even more.

That is it there you have your broken lipsticks fixed. Wasn’t it easy! So next time when you lipstick breaks do not dump it, instead fix it in four easy steps.


Do not miss out to watch the video; the video will give you an even more clear vision on how to do follow the steps. If you like the video then do hit the thumbs up button and share it with your friends.

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