How To Fix Thick Nail Polish


How To Fix Thick Nail Polish

Hey ladies,

If you also love collecting nail paints like me, then chances are you end up with hardened and thick nail polish in the bottle. It gets hard to open, the paint becomes thick and it gets difficult to apply. You feel like throwing your favorite nail polish but trust me, you don’t have to. Why do you have to throw it away when there’s lot of the product left in the bottle? So, today I’m going to share few tricks that can help you save your nail polish. 🙂

With time the nail polishes usually become old and the consistency becomes thick. Applying this thick nail paint can only ruin your nails look. When I apply thickened nail paint, I feel like yuck, my natural nails are better than this and I end up removing it.

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Nail Polish Thinners and Removers

To fix your thickened nail polish, just mix some nail polish thinner to change its consistency but if you don’t have a nail polish thinner, then you must have nail polish for sure. This can be your nail polish savior. But be careful while adding it since anything more can make your nail polish extremely thin. Just add few drops first and check the consistency.

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However, using nail polish remover isn’t recommended since it can break down the formula of the product. It can be used just a quick fix. After adding it, you need to shake the bottle to mix the contents well but if air bubbles form inside the bottle, it can cause thickening yet again. So be cautious.

There’s one more method you can try is using hot water. Run the nail polish bottle in hot water to heat the polish. Leave it so for at least a minute or two. Now take it out and roll it between your hands. The glass bottle can be really hot; so be careful while doing so. Repeat dong this until your nail polish reaches its required consistency. However the nail polish thins temporarily. You can later get a good nail polish thinner and add it to the bottle.

Preventing Nail Polish Thickening

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When you take out the nail polish bottle and sit to apply on your nails and you find it thick, it’s much frustrating. So, here are few tips that can prevent thickening of nail polish.

  1. Always keep the nail polish in cool climate and the environment around it should be stable. Your bathroom can’t be the place since the temperature keeps changing due to shower, dryer, etc.
  2. Store the bottles right side up but not upside down since it can result in clumping of the product in the neck of the bottle.
  3. Preventing air from reaching the nail polish is essential. So keep the neck of the bottle clean always. You can remove the clumps with cotton ball and nail polish remover. This will help in closing the lid tightly.
  4. Always keep the lid closed most of the time even while applying. Never keep it open for long unnecessarily. This will only expose to air more and thicken the polish.

So these were few tips to fix your thickened nail polish and prevent them from thickening.

Have you tried these tips to fix thick nail polish before?

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