How To Get A Facial Massage At Home In Just 10 Steps


How To Get A Facial Massage At Home In Just 10 Steps

My last visit to the spa made me feel all dolled up and seriously, like a million bucks. And it’s not just me, most of us feel the same way! But while coming out, when I had to pay a hefty sum for a regular facial massage it made me ponder was this really worth it? Did I really need to splurge this much just to get something done? Something, which I can easily recreate myself at home?

And the answer was, no! No, I did not have to spend a huge amount for my monthly facials-and nor do you! Facials are not just meant to be done before special occasions, make them a monthly habit and notice the change for yourself. And with the following tips for an at-home spectacular facial massage, you are going to love your monthly dose of cost-effective pampering.

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Do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you; and you return the favor by performing the facial massage for him/her. Here we go!

Sanitize your hands

We are dealing with your face here, and we certainly do not want any harmful bacteria or infection to even come close to that gorgeous skin of yours. So go ahead, wash your hands with a gentle hand wash, pat them dry completely and use a sanitizer. Let the sanitizer get absorbed into your hands before you start with the face.

Remove any traces of makeup

This step is important even if you haven’t applied any makeup recently. Even the makeup from the previous night can leave behind gunky residues which need to be removed. Use a mild makeup remover or even a few drops of olive or baby oil would serve the purpose. Make sure to wipe the skin clean after removing the makeup.

Cleanse using a mild gel based facial cleanser

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Take a small dollop of a refreshing facial cleanser, which is meant to work for your specific skin type and spread it evenly on your skin. Using circular motions work the cleanser into your skin gradually. Use a wet facial sponge or a wet washcloth and wipe off any residual cleanser from the face.

Exfoliate with a facial scrub having rounded beads

The next and a very important step is exfoliation. By exfoliating the skin you remove all the dead and flaky cells of your skin, bringing forth the new skin cells which are going to get pampered during the facial massage. Make sure to exfoliate using a gel based scrub if you have oily skin, and a cream base scrub if you have dry-combination skin. Chose a scrub with smooth rounded-beads to avoid any unnecessary damage to the skin! Wipe it off with the same wash cloth

Use a thick massage cream

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Now comes the finale massage! Use a thick massage cream make sure it is skin friendly and adept for your specific skin type to avoid any irritation to massage your facial skin away to glory. Now massaging can take some time to perfect, but with a few basic massaging techniques, any one can give a relaxing sensation. Use criss cross movements on the t-zone forehead, nose, sides of the nasal bridge as well as the chin these areas need the most attention.

Relax the eyes by placing your thumb on it and applying the slightest of the pressure. Now coming to the cheeks, do not pull the skin roughly, instead go in soft circular, upward motions from the jaw line to the cheeks to the hair line and repeat. Such basic steps are enough to get your facial skin all relaxed and make you feel all goody-good.

A warm damp cloth on your face and relax

Now that your skin has faced enough turbulence and the blood circulation is very active due to all the exfoliation and massaging; give your skin some time to relax. Dampen a clean wash cloth with warm water and place it on the entire face and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.

Apply a thin layer of face pack

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On your freshly hydrated skin the wash cloth has provided all the needed hydration by now apply a thin layer of your skin-suitable face pack and let it stay for about 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water; preferably iced water. Why iced water you ask? It will help seal in all the freshly opened pores and make your skin firmer and tighter.

Use a non-alcoholic toning serum

Using a toner is a must after a facial, and if you did not use it before now, start doing it! It makes a hell lot of a difference to your overall skin. If possible use a non-alcoholic toning serum and apply it all over the facial skin using a cotton pad or a clean cotton ball. It further helps your pores to look good.

Use an under eye-cream

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Your skin has undergone a lot in the past one hour or so and now it needs all the nourishment you can provide. Especially your most sensitive under-eye skin which is very tender and thin. Use a specially formulated soothing under-eye cream for your peepers to look amazingly bright, fresh and hydrated.

Apply a richly hydrating moisturizer

The last step for your at-home facial is to replenish the skin of it’s lost moisture. A lot of us think that a facial is enough to treat the skin and adding a moisturizer is just an additional, unwanted step. But I would like to correct you here. Your skin needs alone the moisture it can get in order to look supple and youthful. And especially after a facial when we ripped the skin off even the last streak of moisture, a facial-friendly moisturizer is a must as a follow-up.

Now, glow! And you’re done!

Have you tried facial massage at home?

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  1. Well explained. I’m quite lazy to do all these steps especially massage. Sometimes I do all those steps leaving the massaging step to mum. 😛 hehe

  2. Haha gayatri! Thanku sweety!
    massage part is better left to someone else, after all massaging is meant to relax the body! and massage, takes up a lot of hardwork!


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