How to Get Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes Looks – Makeup Breakdown

Hey beauties!
Am back with yet another make-up break down. As requested by one of our readers, its none another than one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She is known for her striking looks across the globe. She is not the one who is much experimental with her make-up and looks. We have mostly seen her in subtle/ nude make-up and she rarely plays with her look.
This is the look she wore at Cannes film festival 2010 and I still can’t get it out of my head. She looked drop dead gorgeous and I can’t stop raving about her clean, crisp and bold look. It is very simple and easy to achieve, even a make-up novice can get this with out much effort.
Let’s get down to the look.
Aishwarya Rai Looks - Meakup Breakdown
  • FACE: Her complexion is absolutely flawless. Her face is neatly primed and forms a perfect canvas. To get the look, prime your face well and use your favorite matte foundation, make sure you the foundation doesn’t oxidize/ turn greasy or slide of your skin. Conceal all flaws/ dark circles/ spots if any to the perfection, you don’t want a single spot/ blemish on your face to achieve this look completely.
  • HIGHLIGHT: In the look her features are beautifully highlighted. Use a light reflecting highlighter on the bridge of your nose, cheek bones, cupid’s bow, chin and jawline.
  • EYES: In this looks, her eyes do not have a lot of drama to them. To achieve that, prime you eye lids well, and use a light gold eyeshadow over your entire lid, something like MAC eyeshadow nylon and then Use a copper brown eye shadow along your upper and lower lash line, going a little heavy on upper lash line. Coat your lashes with you favorite volumising mascara.
  • CHEEKS: Aishwarya went for highly accentuated cheek bones here, to get the look, go for a red blush like MAC’s frankly scarlet under you cheek bones and highlight your cheek bones with an illuminating highlight like MAC MSF stereo rose/ NARS orgasm or Milani baked blush- luminous.
  • HAIR: Here, Aishwarya’s hair are neatly pulled back into a low bun with a slight puff at the crown. If you’ve bangs, you need to watch them out for this look. It’s very simple and easy, brush your hair neatly and create a slight puff with your hair at the middle of the crown, after that, pull the rest of your back neatly into a low bun. Don’t forget to use a holding/ setting spray after you’re done, to keep your do in place. Aishwarya has used some hair net to keep the bun in place and ribbons to accentuate it, that’s optional.
  • DRESS: This a bold look, Will go well for any night outs/ parties with any cocktail dress/ gowns, your outfit should preferably be in solid color, best worn with yellow/ black/ white/ black & white/ electric blue/ grey and red too. rest, the choice is yours and you have the freedom to experiment!
  • ACCESSORIES: Here Aishwarya opted for Solid solitaire studs and kept everything else minimal. You don’t need much accessories here because you let the make-up do the talking ^_~
This is one of my favorite looks, it’s quick, easy, not too dramatic and is bound to make you stand out!

Hope you like it ^_^



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